The Wishing Texas Series by Julie Benson

Last Published: 08-05-2020

Book Series Summary

The Wishing, Texas Series by Julie Benson is a romance book series that is both contemporary as well as western.  This series is filled with gorgeous cowboys and the women that they come to love.

This series is about four best friends.  There’s Ty Barnett, AJ Quinn, Cooper and Zane.  They are an interesting group of friends that seem to stick together despite their differences.

This series is called Wishing, Texas as it’s placed in Wishing, Texas!!!

Book 1, To Love a Texas Cowboy, starts us out with Ty.  He’s a rancher that loves being a rancher.  And he has to find one that will love being with him just as much.  He just didn’t count on it being Carrie Reynolds.  They clash more than they don’t.  But it’s that “love and hate being the opposite of the same coin” kind of thing that makes this story endearing and fun!!

Book 2, To Catch a Texas Cowboy, brings us AJ’s story.  He’s taken the job as the chief of police in Wishing but he never thought he’s encounter one like Grace.  As Carrie’s best friend, she’s come to help with the B&B.

According to the “About this book” for either of these books, you will find that there will be two more books in this series.  To Marry a Texas Cowboy and To Tame a Texas Cowboy will be out sometime soon!  Don’t know when as her site doesn’t give me any clues.

Check out the individual books in the Wishing Texas Series:

To Tame a Texas Cowboy

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