When Day Breaks

Originally Published: 02-20-2018

Book Summary

When Day Breaks is the 9th book in the KGI Series by Maya Banks.

This story is about Darryl “Swanny” Swanson and Eden Sinclair.

Now you first meet Swanny in book 4, Whispers in the Dark, when he was saved by Shea and Grace along with Nathan.

And while Nathan was able to go back to his family to recuperate, Swanny had no one.

Not until he decided to ask Nathan what had happened when they were saved.  And while he did get the answers he was looking for, he also found a family that accepted him despite his appearance.

You see, when he was being held captive, he was tortured along with Nathan.  Both were carved up and not expected to make it out.  But Swanny was the one that was carved right on his face.  He has a scar that runs down his whole face and due to the fact that they didn’t get out in time, the scar didn’t heal properly and is very noticeable.

So in this book, while Swanny is extremely competent as a member of the KGI teams, he has some confidence issues that have directly to do with his appearance.  And of course, he’s still fighting bouts of PTSD that plague him with nightmares.

As KGI teams is building and growing, they take on jobs that are sometimes mundane and actually ordinary.  Swanny is part of Joe’s and Nathan’s team.  Along with Skylar and Edge, they are the ones that are called up to take on normal jobs.

And that’s what happens in this book.

They are called in to help a friend.  One of Joe’s and Nathan’s friends is in need a protective detail that will watch his sister.  His very famous, very beautiful sister.

And that’s Eden Sinclair.  She’s a model.  And she’s a warm, genuine and truly lovely person that looks for the good in all people.

And she takes one look at Swanny and decides to be bold and literally throw herself at him.  And even though this is abnormal for her behavior, she sees what she wants and she goes for it.

So this book definitely has the “Beauty and the Beast” feel to it.  Swanny is this big, brawny guy but has a horrible scar on his face.  And Eden is this ethereal beauty that shines to all those around her.

And he can’t believe that she would be remotely interested in him.

Now while they don’t backpedal and stumble with their words and make the storyline worse by letting their insecurities get the better of them, both characters are very open in their thoughts and feelings making the story move very quickly.

So this book is just under 300 pages long, making it a shorter, full-length novel!!

The majority of the story is filled with glamorous outfits, romantic boat rides and social events as opposed to gun fights and bombings.

That is until right at the end.  

They think they have gotten their guy, but no, Eden still gets kidnapped and tortured.

This is where Hancock shows up again.  And you find out more about him and that he just might be human after all!

And Eden is cut up similarly on her face as Swanny.  And luckily, they find her before too extensive damage is done and get her to safety and to medical help.

And then she gets the help she needs, they declare their love and live happily ever after!!

Okay, I found the story to move way too fast and it was kinda cheesy.  The characters jumped really quickly into the relationship.  It was a cute story, but not as realistic as others from this author.

The next story is when we finally get to know Hancock!  He’s been an enigma since the beginning!  Check out his story in book 10, Darkest Before Dawn!

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