Lover Unbound

Originally Published: 08-22-2018

Book Summary

Lover Unbound is the 5th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward.

This story follows right after Butch’s story in Lover Revealed.

And this one is about Vishous.

He’s the resident computer geek, the one that has the hand that’s a weapon, the one that’s best friends with Butch, and the one that now has his own destiny to fill.

And what a destiny it is!!!

The Scribe Virgin pays him a visit and tells him a fantastical story.  She’s his mother.  

But as the son of the warrior Bloodletter, he was tortured and beaten and a whole lot of other things.  Vishous is the only one of the brothers that has an unconventional view of sex.  

The Scribe Virgin tells him that he has a destiny to fill.  He must become the Primale and mate with the Chosen in order to save their race and increase the brotherhood.  Otherwise they will not survive.

And while he realizes that she might be right, he isn’t going to obey easily.

In a moment of defiance, Vishous goes out and tangles with a lesser only to end up getting himself shot.

But the shot happened after sending the lesser back to the Omega.  So we don’t know who shot him nor why.

But it does land him in the human hospital in the hands of a talented surgeon, Jane Whitcomb.  In his groggy state, V knows that she’s his mate and insists that she come along when Rhage and Butch come to rescue him.

So then the story is filled with the getting to know each other while she’s his kidnapped victim.  And at first, that’s what she is.  But as they get to know each other, things start to change.

Now if you remember, Vishous was a Dom when it came to sex.  And Jane, because she’s a trauma surgeon, has to be a really strong person to be able to handle Vishous and all that he is.

But the story is not just about them.

Tohr is still gone.  He comes back eventually because we know the whole story, but at this time in the story, he is still missed by all of the brothers.

But he’s missed most by John.  John is the pretrans kid that been basically adopted by the brothers.  Tohr and Wellsie were his adoptive parents and he’s broken because they’re gone.

But he goes thru his transition and becomes this 6’7″ dude that is shy and and interesting character.  We know that he’s Darius reincarnated, so we’ll find out more when we read Lover Mine, book 8.

You see a softer side to Zsadist as he’s become the main trainer in the school that these pretrans kids go to.  He’s totally paranoid over Bella being prego tho and that makes for some fun scenes.

There aren’t many fights with the lessers, so you don’t see them much.

Phury plays an interesting role in this book.  He’s still struggling because he’s in love with Bella, his twin’s lady.  So his emotions are all over the place.  And when he offers to be the Primale instead of V, you know that his story is going to be interesting.

You’ll find his story up next in Lover Enshrined, book 6.

Now, there are so many things that happen in this story with Vishous and Jane!  Some exciting, some scary, and some downright WOW!  You have to read this book to really understand what I mean.

This is by far the most exciting book out all of the series so far.  There are so many plot twists and thrilling suspense that you are stuck to the page until you finish.  Definitely worth checking out. 

Maybe even to read it again!!!

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