Remember Me

Originally Published: 08-14-2020

Remember Me is a utterly entertaining and riveting suspenseful story that leaves you literally sitting on the edge of your seat.

Book Details

This is not a long story, more of a novella than anything, with not that many pages to it.  Amazon gives you 375pgs and Goodreads says 243pgs.  It only takes just under 3hrs to listen to it on Audible.

And it’s the type of story that you get stuck in and can’t pull yourself out of until you’re finished.  And even then the idea behind it stays with you.

I found a couple of book covers to go with this book.  And I’ve noticed that they’re used interchangeably, meaning that even though the 2015 cover is the newest doesn’t mean it’s the only one used.

2015 Edition
2003 Edition

This is more of a suspense story than a romance, but romance still happens.  And true to Sala’s style of writing, we get to read the antagonist’s POV as well as the protagonist’s!

And the trope of the story is actually a little different than most.

There are some details in the sexy scenes but the author doesn’t use crude words nor is everything described.

Book Summary

Not only is this story about Clay LeGrand it’s also about his wife Frankie.

It’s also a story where true love overcomes even the most difficult obstacles.  And it’s the love that Frankie has for her husband Clay that keeps her going.

The story starts us out with Frankie going missing with Clay being the prime suspect.  Even when he knows that something more is going on.

And for more than 2yrs she stays gone.  

And then out of the blue, she shows up in their home as if nothing happened.  But the needle marks and a new tattoo tell another story.

As they start to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, Frankie starts having flashes of times and events that she doesn’t remember doing.

And instead of pulling apart, they turn to each other as they deal with this new normal.  And this new normal is nothing like it was before.

In the two years that she’s been gone, they’ve both changed.

With the advice of a PI, they start digging into why it might have happened and what they can do to prevent it from happening again.

You see, she still feels like it’s not over, that she’s still in danger.  Even to the point that she purchases a gun to help herself.

The whole story is riveting and fast-paced.  And because it’s such a short story, things happen really quickly.

And the truth they discover rocks their world.


In the end, they find out that the boy that she was friends with in the orphanage where she grew up, has a huge obsession of her, even to the point that he’ll have her at all costs.

He kidnapped her right from her home and kept her locked up for the 2yrs that she was gone.  And it was only an earthquake that helps her get away long enough to go back to Clay.

Just when things look like they’re improving for Clay and Frankie, he comes for her again.  But this time, Frankie’s not going to let herself be taken again.  Not when there’s so much more at stake!!


I really enjoyed this story.  It was hopping and moving right from the beginning.  The whole idea was so unexpected and so interesting.  

I listened to this book on Audible and it took just under 3hrs to finish it.  So it’s not a long book at all.  And I had to finish it right of the bat!!  It was that type of story, riveting and angst-laden right from the beginning to the very end.

Definitely worth reading (and listening to) again and again.

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