Shadow Reaper

Last Published: 08-26-2017

Book Summary

Shadow Reaper is the 2nd book in the Shadow Series.

If you’ve read book 1, Shadow Rider, you know that this series is about the Ferraro Family.  There’s 5 boys and 1 girl.

Book 2 is about Ricco Ferraro.  He’s the one that is the most risk taker in his family.  He’s mentioned a little in book 1, but you really get to know him in book 2.

When Ricco was young, he went to Japan for training.  And while everyone thought he was getting the training that he needed to be a shadow rider, they didn’t know what else he had to endure.

Ricco was involved in a horrific incident in Japan that he was then blamed for.  He was treated horribly and threatened.  

He turned to a rope master to help him deal with everything.   This rope master taught him to tie intricate knots and designs onto a rope model.  This helped him to focus and deal with all that was happening to him.

So in the story, Ricco is a rider that has a lot of demons.  He has mastered roping and is in need of a new model.  

This is where Mariko Maja comes in.  She is applying for the rope model position.  But she also happens to be a shadow rider.  And she is there to kill Ricco.

When Ricco first hears Mariko speak he knows that she is the one that he has been looking for.  This idea of “knowing” is similar to what happens in the Dark Series.  But he also knows that she is connected to the incident that happened while he was in Japan.

What follows in an intense, very detailed romance between Ricco and Mariko.  While Christine Feehan’s love scenes are quite descriptive, she has a style all her own that makes you feel the intensity and love that is built within their relationship.  But the amount of details is not for the faint of heart.  Read at your discretion.

Ricco and Mariko have an intense relationship right from the beginning.  

He helps her to see that she is valued and can be loved.

I did find the 2nd book to be just as intense as the 1st book.  The story was well written and the characters are well developed.  The author did an excellent job of explaining what a rope model was and what Ricco was using it for.  You also find out who sent Mariko to kill Ricco and why.  The ending was a little surprising.

What I didn’t like was that the whole relationship was about sex.  This one added the dimension of using the ropes in their relationship. 

So the 2nd half of the book is about the ropes and how they are used during sex.  It gets too much.  

I am disappointed to see that this is the angle of this new series when I enjoy Christine Feehan’s style of writing so much.

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