Hunter’s Moon by JK Harper

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Book Summary

Hunter’s Moon by JK Harper is the first book in the Silvertip Shifters Series.

This book is the beginning of the Silvertip series but is also a crossover book with the Black Mesa Wolves Series!!

This is a novella, even though it’s not classified as one.  You can read this whole book in an hour.  

It’s a cute short story that is about the dilemma that Abby has about mating with her mate, who happens to be a bear.  You see, it’s a problem because she’s a wolf!!

So the majority of the story is Abby wrestling with the moral dilemma of joining with a bear shifter when she knows of no wolf that has mated outside of their packs.

This is also the beginning of the story of the Walker family.  Quentin Walker is the oldest of the Walker boys and he’s the one that’s been tasked to not only watch over the Silvertip Lodge but also keep track of his brothers and keep them in line if need be.

But when he finds out that there’s going to be a Hunter’s Moon for the wolf pack and Abby is old enough to find herself a mate, he decides to take things into his own hands and do something about it.

Now the Hunter’s Moon is a special ceremony type thing where single wolves meet up and mate during the specific time of the moon.  Abby and her friends all think that she should find a mate during this time.

But she’s torn.  She wants to be mated with Quentin but doesn’t know how to tell even herself.

So the story is her coming to terms with this issue. 

And when Quentin finds out that she’s going to run in this Hunter’s Moon event, he goes to the pack, despite the fact that he’s a bear shifter and announces his intentions.

They get approval from the pack leader and they take off on the run.  And of course he catches her and then that includes a sexy scene that does have a few details.  

It’s a fun, easy story to read.  A great beginning to the Silvertip Shifters Series.  

Take a look at book 2, Mountain Bear’s Baby, when we meet and get to know Shane and Jessie who join the bear clan and create a family of their own!!

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