Dark Desire

Originally Published: 06-25-2018

Book Summary

Dark Desire by Christine Feehan is book 2 in the Dark Series

This story is about Jacques Dubrinsky and Shea O’Halloran.

Jacques is brother to Mikhail in book 1.

This story is a little bit different.  Vampire hunters capture and torture Jacques.  They leave him for dead, not knowing that  because he is immortal, he will survive.  He is captured and imprisoned in a coffin in a cellar in the ground.

For seven long years, he’s in the darkness knowing only pain and starvation.  He can’t use the healing of the soil as he’s in a coffin and can’t reach the soil.  He calls rodents and small creatures to him and feeds on them as best he can.  But it’s not enough and he slowly descends into madness.

And somewhere during that madness, he senses and feels Shea O’Halloran.  She is his true lifemate and hears him despite the distance that she is.

Shea is a doctor and is actually half Carpathian.

She is the daughter of Rand and Maggie.  If you remember him from book 1, he was the one that was married to Noelle (not true lifemates with though) and then Noelle was murdered. Noelle was sister to Mikhail and Jacques. 

Maggie was his true lifemate and she lived only a half existence after Rand had been forced to go to ground somewhere between book 1 and book 2.  This caused a whole bunch of issues that Shea has.

But it also makes her part Carpathian with some of their traits.  She has great instincts and has to take blood.  She thinks she has a blood disorder.

So when her life is threatened, she packs up and leaves being drawn to the Carpathian Mountains.  There she stays in a remote location not realizing that she is right near where Jacques is being held.

She is drawn to Jacques by a force that she doesn’t understand, a compulsion really.  She’s his true lifemate, but they don’t figure that out until you get further into the story.

Now because of Jacques fragmented mind and her zero knowledge of the Carpathian people, when she encounters one, they are both fearful of what is going to happen.

So the majority of the story is them coming to terms with the lack of things that they don’t understand.  And then remembering and coming to terms with that new knowledge.

They both go through major growth during the storyline.  Jacques eventually comes to a point where he can exist but not without Shea.  So they are more intricately connected than any of the other characters.

It’s an interesting story, if not a little cheesy!!  They have to change drastically because of where they started at at the beginning.

I know that this character, Shea, plays an essential part in further books as she’s a doctor and makes it her mission to find out why some things are happening to the Carpathians and how to solve them.

This story does build onto book 1 and also stands on its own.  You find that they are coming to figure things out as they go and that their world is changing and they must change with it.

Book 2 will definitely entertain you and keep you interested enough to find book 3 and book 4 to continue to the storyline!

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