Dark Possession

Originally Published: 07-09-2018

Book Summary

Dark Possession is the 18th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This is when Manolito and MaryAnn get their story.

Due to the extent of the injuries that Manolito sustained from the attack in book 17, he was poisoned.  They transported him back to their home in South America.

Being poisoned caused him to not only be in the land of the living but also the shadow world.

And it makes him appear to be a bit insane.

So Riordan and Juliette bring in MaryAnn to help Juliette’s sister and cousin as she’s a battered women’s counselor. 

But they also suspect that she’s Manolito’s lifemate as she’s been completely despondent since the attack on Manolito.  She feared he died and if you remember when lifemates exchange blood, they become connected to each other and can’t be away from each other. 

They bring her to the jungles of the South America and she’s completely out of her element.  She has grown up in the city of Seattle and is completely human.

That is until she gets to the rain forest.  And she starts to realize that she just might be psychic but she definitely has some sort of powers.

So this book is an intense book right from the beginning.  And it has way too many sexy scenes in it, lasting several pages long, with graphic details.  Needless to say, I did a whole lot of skipping pages.

You also find out that MaryAnn is actually a lycan and her wolf is her guardian!  And she didn’t even know it.  But when Manolito is stuck on the shadow world and she’s left to protect his body, she gives into the power and transforms, saving him and herself.

This is the book where you find out a whole of the back story behind the background story that is happening within the whole series.

The De La Cruz brothers along with the Malinov brothers were close friends in their youth.  And because they were rebels, they would come up with battle plans that would enable them to take over the leadership of the Carpathians and destroy the Dubrinskys.

They also wanted to destroy Vlad Dubrinsky because his son, Draven is the one that killed Ivory, the only Malinov girl.

But if you read on in this series, you will find that she isn’t dead and she finds her lifemate in book 20.  That one is quite the story, so check it out!!

As Manolito is able to go the shadow world, he’s actually able to visit with Vlad and his lifemate.  And thru that he’s able to relieve some of guilt that he’s been feeling since Ivory was killed.

In the shadow world, Manolito faces Maxim.  Now, please note that Maxim was killed in book 16, but his spirit challenges and torments Manolito. 

It’s all about strategy with the Malinov brothers and Manolito knows that he needs to outwit him in order to get out of the shadow world.

While he successfully does get out of the shadow world, they still have to figure out if they will convert MaryAnn to being a Carpathian.

As a lycan, both are a dominate species that could potentially take over and kill the other.  But Manolito and MaryAnn come to love each other and she convinces him to convert her.  Which is successful.

But MaryAnn is also there to help Jasmine, Solange and Juliette.  They are all of the jaguar race and have been brutalized.  Jasmine is the youngest and happens to be pregnant because of it. 

Solange is her cousin and the one that that has been helping and rescuing the jaguar women from the men.  She gets her story in book 21 when Dominic comes to the rain forest.

The jaguar men are brutal to the women.  The rape them, get them pregnant and then leave them.  

So the story is filled with tons of information that helps us to understand where the storyline has been working from and where it just might go from here.

Definitely makes you interested enough to find book 19, Dark Curse, where Nicolas De La Cruz finds his lifemate.

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