Whisper Lake Series

Originally Published: 10-27-2020

Book Series Summary

The Whisper Lake Series is a contemporary romance series by Barbara Freethy.

This a 4-book series about a group of girlfriends, Gianna, Hannah, Lizzie, and Chelsea.  They all have come to Whisper Lake for one reason or another and have decided to stay.

There’re many other characters and that’s what connects this series to the Callaway and Callaway Cousins Series by the same author.  These characters in this series are friends and cousins to the Callaways, and some play nominal roles in these books.

This series starts us out with Gianna Campbell coming back to Whisper Lake to regroup and heal.  She then meets up with Zach Barrington again.  And she gets a second chance with the one that was “Always with Me“!

Book 2, My Wildest Dream, is about Brodie McGuire and Chelsea Cole.

Book 3, Can’t Fight the Moonlight, is about Justin Blackwood and Lizzie Cole.

Book 4, Just One Kiss, is about Hannah Stark and Jake McKenna!

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Can’t Fight the Moonlight

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