The Edilean Series

Originally Published: 10-10-2018

Book Series Summary

The Edilean Series by Jude Deveraux is a book series about a small town in Virginia called Edilean.  It was named after the founder of the little town Edilean Talbot. 

This series is a contemporary romance series with one of the books being a historical romance where we find out the background of the little town and how it came to be.

Book 1, Days of Gold, takes us to the 1700s where we learn all about how Edilean and Angus came to the Americas and why.  This is a historical romance filled with details about how they came to America and all the troubles that they went through to get to Virginia!

Book 2, The Scent of Jasmine, is also a historical novel in 1799.  This one has Catherine Edilean Harcourt doing a favor for her ailing godfather, T.C.  She takes some supplies to Alex McDowell and that is the beginning of some adventure that is the entertaining banter between the main characters of the stories that I like.

Book 3 is Promises.

So book 4, Lavender Morning, is a contemporary romance that is based in modern times.  We get to know Jocelyn Milton and how she’s befriended by Edilean Harcourt.  Jocelyn has a mystery to solve and with Luke’s help, she finds out.

Book 5, Scarlet Nights, opens the storyline with Mike Newland climbing into Sara Shaw’s room in the middle of the night!  He’s there to show her that the man that she’s engaged to is not who he really is and hopefully win her heart at the same time.

Book 6, Heartwishes, takes us back to the current century.  Gemma, a history buff, is excited to work for a prominent family in Edilean and be able to organize a bunch of old papers.  The family that she ends up working for are the Frazier family.  One son, Colin, catches her eye.  This story keeps you on your toes.

This book is about a mystical stone that grants the owner of it, their heart’s most deepest wish.  Each of the characters has a deep wish and the story follows how they come true in different ways.

Book 7, Change of Heart, is still attached to the Edilean thought-line but is just another story with connections to Edilean.  And connections to the Montgomery/Taggart Series as well.  Eli Harcourt orchestrates his mother getting together with Frank Taggart.

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Book 1, Moonlight in the Morning, is the beginning of a trilogy within the book series.  These three books are connected by the girls being college roomies and friends.  There is Jecca, Kim and Sophie.  Kim is from Edilean and encourages both her friends to come.

It starts with Jecca Layton.  She is enamored with Kim’s brother but ends up being basically invisible to him.  While the town doc, Tristan Aldredge, has kept an eye on Jecca for several years.  

What I like in this book is the approach that Jude Deveraux puts for how Tristan and Jecca to meet.  It is completely in the moonlight, hence the title of the book.  It gives the story line an edge that is sweet and endearing.  I found a book review from that I really liked.

Book 2, Stranger in the Moonlight, is Kim’s story.  She encountered Travis Merritt when she was young and became enamored with him then but then he disappeared.  Now many years later, he comes back to see if she knows how to have fun.  The story line is of then reconnecting.

Book 3, Moonlight Masquerade, is about Sophie Kincaid.  She comes to Edilean hoping to escape her life, but instead almost gets run over by Kim’s doctor cousin that is filling in for Tristan.  Reede does not want to fill Tristan’s shoes although after making certain connections, he is more willing to stick around than before.  

Elijah Harcourt and Chelsea Hamilton are an unlikely pair.  They were the best of friends as kids and then their families moved and they lost touch with each other.  Even though the story line is kinda cheezy, I enjoyed it.

Moonlight in the Morning

Stranger in the Moonlight

Moonlight Masquerade

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