Star Bright

Originally Published: 05-13-2018

Book Summary

Star Bright is the 9th book in the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series by Catherine Anderson.

This is the story that brings us Parker Harrigan’s story.  So this story is also called A Harrigan Family Novel.

Parker is the middle child of the Harrigan kids.  He’s a horse trainer like a couple of his brothers and has a spread right near everyone else.

He puts an ad in the paper looking for a bookkeeper hoping to get his books in order. 

Rainie calls regarding the position.

After meeting her and getting a feel for who she is, Parker knows that she is lying about her references and he doesn’t like liars.

What he doesn’t know is that Rainie is on the run from a horribly abusive husband.  He tried to kill her and she faked her death to get away from him.

So when she comes to work for Parker, she’s grateful that she found a position to help herself get back onto her feet.  But she’s petrified her ex will find her and it shows.

Parker knows that she’s hiding something and can tell that she has been abused.  But he gives her a chance and tells her that she can work for him even though she’s lying.

At first she doesn’t tell Parker anything for fear of her being turned in.  But after she shakes hands with Loni (if you remember Loni, she’s the clairvoyant and she sees all that happened to Rainie), Loni tells her that she needs to come clean with Parker.

As petrified as she is, Rainie opens up to Parker and tells him everything.  So the rest of the story is them “circling the wagons” kind of thing.  The family stands behind them both.

Parker also makes it his personal mission to teach her to love herself, to build her self-confidence and to teach her to defend herself.

So the majority of the story is wrapped around what it takes to help her.

As Rainie is gaining her confidence, Parker is falling in love with her.  Okay, she’s falling for him too, but she doesn’t realize that until almost the end of the story.

So this story is a story about healing.  Healing after being terribly and horribly abused and realizing that you can come out on top, that you can be strong and healthy again.

It is a well-written storyline with lots of detail in what she does to help herself.  It’s also a great story is how Parker becomes her friend first and earns her trust so that they eventually take their relationship further.

And yes, there is a sexy scene to watch out for.  Actually there are several, and yes, there are details to skip over, if necessary.  But they are not crudely written.  The author has tastefully included them to show that Rainie can heal in that area as well.  Not every scene has details though.

Catherine Anderson has done a great job of making this story interesting and charming.  You fall in love with Parker as well, just like Rainie does as he makes her believe in love again.

You meet Loni again and hear some more of her story when she comes to meet Rainie.  That is a pivotal change in the plot.  Once Loni tells Rainie that she knows everything, Rainie chooses to go to Parker and tell him everything.  

That gets the ball rolling and them “circling their wagons”.  The family sees that Rainie has come to mean a lot to Parker and step in to help.

This is where you really get to know both Rainie and Parker and the people that they are.  Because there are no more secrets between them, they share their lives with each other.

So the whole story is just a really good story.  I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the dynamics between Rainie and Parker and the love that blossoms between them.  

This is definitely a great read worth spending your time reading!!

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