The Road to Romance Series by Joanne Rock

The Road to Romance Series is an entertaining contemporary romance series written by Joanne Rock.

Book Series Details

This series is definitely a contemporary modern romance. But that’s where the similarities stop!!

While this series is grouped together as a series, the books aren’t really connected. Yes, the main characters know each other, but that’s it!!

Book 1 was published in 2015 and is a novella. This one is a Christmas and holiday romance. But it’s also a sports romance, specifically hockey romance!

Book 2 was published in August 2017 and is a cowboy western romance!

Book 3 was published in Oct 2017 and is a second chance romance.

There isn’t an overall storyline, only a similar theme that’s carried from each story.

Each of these stories happen one right after the other, with the first at Christmas, and ending at the following

Book Series Summary

The underlying theme for this while series is where three friends, Shea, Larissa, and Rachel, all form a pact together to make a peace with their pasts to be able to move forward.

Each story is about each friend. But the stories do not overlap, nor do the other characters play a role in the other books.

Book 1, Last Chance Romance, is about Shea Walker and JC Royce.

Book 2, Second Chance Cowboy, is about Larrisa and Matt.

Book 3, A Chance this Christmas, is about Rachel and Gavin.

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