The Last Straw

Originally Published: 02-27-2020

The Last Straw is the 4th book in the Jigsaw Files by Sharon Sala.  This whole series is about the characters Charlie Dodge and Jane Wyrick.

This book was just released in Feb 2021!

Book Details

This book is classified as a private investigator mysteries and a suspense novel instead of a romance.  You’ll even find that the ebook and the audiobook are classified a little different, just to make things interesting.

But there does happen to be romance elements in it.  Finally, right at the end of this book, Charlie and Jane finally decide that they love each other.

And yes, this includes one scene that has a bit of detail.

Okay, so the romance between these two takes the whole book, even the whole series but the story is not about their romance.  The story is still a mystery about a person that’s gone missing and they’re called in to look for this person.

At the end of the last book, Blind Faith, Wyrick bared her soul and shared her truth and gave up her privacy in order take down the bad guys.  

So when this book starts, she’s still working thru some of that. What we find out is that she’s been in love with Charlie for forever!

And it’s in this book that they declare to each other.

While this book was written in 3rd person, we get to see into the mind of the villain and what’s make him tick too.

She does this same idea in her Forces of Nature Series about a madman that kills people just after a hurricane or tornado!  We see into his POV as well.

There’s a lot of suspense happening and lots of excellent descriptions that make the story interesting and entertaining.

To make things interesting, there’s kinda two plots going on in the story.

One has to deal with the missing person.  And the other is about yet another group sent after Wyrick.  This time is a group of fanatics that thinks she’s an abomination and God has spoken to have her killed.

Book Summary

At the center of the story is Wyrick.  She’s different and some don’t like that.  She’s a cancer survivor and is bald, completely.  She also has a tattoo of a dragon on her chest instead of boobs!

She also has computer and investigative skills that put her in a class all her own.

She knows that the sister to the missing woman will call them and ask them to help the police find her.

She knows that there will be men trying to kill her again and that it’s up to her to find them and stop them.

She knows that she loves Charlie Dodge with all her heart.

So all of these ideas play a part of the storyline.  And we hear from many characters throughout the story.

From Rachel to her sister, to the men sent after her to kill Wyrick.

And because we see into so many different characters, the story is a full length story.  And this time there’s no next book, so many different plot points end.

Because Sala takes us into almost every character, we experience the horror that Rachel goes thru, or the morbid thoughts that the villain has, or the fear that the sister has not knowing where her sister is.

We also see how this whole situation has taken a tole on Jane Wyrick.  And how when she heals a little girl, she knows that things really have to change this time.

And then the book and the series ends.

The story does end happy.  They decide to get lost and live happily ever after.


I listened to this whole story, all 9hrs of it in one day.  That’s how much I enjoy anything Sala puts out.

There’s intrigue and suspense and mystery all woven into the story.

The characters are well developed and so interesting.  I’d love to meet a warrior woman like this one.  And I can see wanting to aspire to becoming a warrior woman like she was.

I’m sad to see this series end!!  But I know that Sala will come up with more!

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