Sparks Fly in Good Hope

Sparks Fly in Good Hope is the 10th book in the Good Hope Series by Cindy Kirk.

Sparks Fly in Good Hope, Amazon Edition, book 10 in the Good Hope Series by Cindy Kirk
Amazon Edition

Book Details

Sparks Fly in Good Hope is the 10th book in a 21-book series. This book was published in July 2019.

The main genre for this story is contemporary romance, but I would also add in a small town romance.

I would also call this an opposites attract romance and an enemy to lovers romance, and a forced proximity romance too!! It’s fun when an author makes a multi-dimensional story.

I would also add it’s a story about life, and dealing with the troubles and struggles of life!

This is full length story with 279 pages.

This is Greer Chapin’s and Wyatt McConnell’s story. It’s written in 3rd person, in both of their perspectives.

This story is located in Good Hope, a small township in the Door County peninsula in Wisconsin.

So far, in this series, I’ve noticed that these characters have an external and an internal issue to deal with.

I also found another book cover, on Goodreads for this book. Why there’s another cover for this one book only, I have no idea, but here it is!!

Sparks Fly in Good Hope, Goodreads Edition, book 10 in the Good Hope Series by Cindy Kirk

A few things happen during this story that ties it to the other stories in this series:

  • Marigold comes to Greer to get a load to get money to get IVF treatments.
  • Wyatt doesn’t sell the farm. Instead, he keeps it going and even makes plans to add to it.
  • Trinity, Wyatt’s sistere, a clinical psychologist, plays an integral role in this story.
  • The Triad Group, a development company formed by David, Kyle and Ethan, has plans to develop the area around the Ding-A-Ling, a honky-tonk bar, that they’re updating.

Book Summary

This is Greer’s and Wyatt’s story. This is a charming story about two unlikely characters coming together!!

Greer is the younger sister to both Clay (book 12) and David (book 6). She’s also the one that took over their father’s position at the bank. The Chapin family is one of the founding families in Good Hope and an integral part of the community.

While Wyatt is a newcomer, his grandfather, Roy Davis is not. Roy Davis passed a few books ago. So while Roy was completely estranged from his daughter, Wyatt never knew his grandfather.

But he’s come to Good Hope because he’s the only living relative of Roy and has just inherited Cherries Acres, a large working cherry orchard farm.

I’d call this an opposites attract romance as Greer and Wyatt are very different and an unlikely match. She’s a character who seems unapproachable and unwilling to listen. When she took over the bank, she had to fix a ton of issues her father left when he died. She was also completely torn up by his passing.

She’s running for mayor as she wants to continue what Jeremy has been doing in his term of office.

Even tho Wyatt inherited a working farm, he also decides to run for mayor. This is where it’s an enemy to lovers romance!!! As they both do the campaigning to become mayor, they also spend time together. And of course, they fall for each other.

I’d also call this a forced proximity romance as Wyatt moves into the house right across the street from Greer. He couldn’t move into the farm because Roy died in a house fire and the house burned down.

Okay, spoilers!!!

Greer wins the election, AND Wyatt wins too! He wins the girl! Greer accepts his proposal. Fun huh!!!


I did enjoy this story. It was a fun story about these two unlikely characters coming together in a different way. The author used a common story trope and adapted it in a fun way.

She also added a story loop to this story. The first one, to this extent, to her stories.

We meet Trinity, Wyatt’s sister, in this story. Ryder Goodhue, when on a trip, and runs into Trinity. They had an instant connection and a night to remember. And then parted ways. And then this story leads into the next book.

This is a well-written story that fit right in with the rest of the series. And it fit right with the overarching storyline of the whole series.

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