Keep Me Safe

Originally Published: 06-02-2017

Book Details

Keep Me Safe is the first book in the Slow Burn Series.

This is the book cover when it first came out in October 2014.

This is the book cover when it was reissued for 2016.

i added both the 2014 cover and the 2016

This story is about Caleb Devereaux.  He is desperately trying to find Ramie St. Claire.  He knows she’s psychic.  He knows she’s helped the police before.  She’s gonna help him.  No matter what.

While he does find her, he doesn’t realize the extent that her psychic episodes do to her.  She feels and sees what each victim feels and sees.  He vows to help her as soon as him and his brothers find their sister.  

But she disappears.  

Which was what she was trying to do before he found her.

Ramie St. Claire is on the run.  Not only from the people that insist she help, but also from the one man that wants to kill her.  She thought she covered her tracks, but Caleb found her.  So her stalker could too.  

So she disappears again.  Going from place to place.  Changing what she can.

A year later, she has run out of resources and time.  And she barely gets away from her stalker.  She knows she can’t go on alone anymore.  She takes the chance and calls Caleb to force him to help her.

What she doesn’t realize is that Caleb would do anything to help her.

During the year following his sister’s kidnapping, Caleb created the company Devereaux Security.  This is where this book series comes in.  Each main character in each book is a part of that security team.

Caleb drops everything and flies to where she is.  He can’t forget what he did to her and promised to help her.

At first she’s wary.  But with time she sees and feels that Caleb is actually a nice guy.  

The story-line is intriguing and engaging.  Each of the characters were well developed.  As you got to know Ramie, you got to see the determination in Caleb to make things right.

I enjoyed this story.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

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