Night Reigns

Last Published: 11-26-2019

Book Summary

Night Reigns is the 2nd book in the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall.

This series is about a group of men and women that call themselves the Immortal Guardians.

This is a complicated book series that you need to read all of them in order to understand the backstory as well as to keep the number of characters straight!!

In book 1, Seth and David had been hearing a voice crying out for help.  At first, it was faint and they couldn’t get a read on where or who it was.

Now they do.

The voice came from Ami (Amiriska).  She had come to this planet in hopes of finding a species that would help with her own, but instead was captured and horrifically tortured.

Because she was so severely tortured, she has huge trust issues.

Seth and David rescue her and in book 2, she starts to finally trust the guardians.

When Ami meets Marcus Graydon, she has a connection with him as he was wounded as well.  

Seth decides that Ami should be Marcus’ second and help him.  And he hopes that there might be a romance that blossoms between them!

Marcus is the a loner.  He’s been alone for thousands of years.  Always has been.  Always will be.  And he doesn’t want a Second.

So when Ami becomes his Second, he’s reluctant to get to know her.  He sees that Ami is special.  And with threat of his life from Seth to not hurt her, Marcus allows himself to get to know her.

As they spend time together, they fall for each other and learn to trust each other.

As she has come to trust some of the guardians, like Seth and David and Bastien, she gives Marcus a chance.  And in time that trust turns to love.

This is where you need to know some of who Marcus is and where he came from.  Marcus had been in mourning for a love he couldn’t have. For like centuries.  And it was only when he found Ami that he was able to finally move past his issues.

And what’s fun is we find out more about this when we read Rendezvous with Yesterday, book 2 in the Gifted Ones Series!  You see, the main character of this book is the love that Marcus couldn’t have.  So in this book, we meet Bethany and Robert.  But we also get to see Marcus as a young boy and what his background is.

A fun twist huh!!!

Together the find peace and love that carries both of them forward thru the tumultuous times with the guardians.

This book carries on the plot line of the guardians and what they are fighting for.  You meet lots of characters and see how Sarah and Roland (from book 1) are doing.

It’s a complex storyline that just keeps getting more and more added to it as each books comes along!  If you didn’t read book 1, do so and then find the rest of the series to finish the plot line.

This takes us to book 3, Phantom Shadows, where we find out Bastien’s story!!

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