Originally Published: 02-21-2018

Manhunt is book 1 in the Rocky Mountain Thrillers by Ann Voss Peterson.

According to Ann Voss Peterson’s website, this book was previously called Wyoming Manhunt. Take a look at the book cover for it below!

I found this book as an ebook on Bookbub!!

This fast-paced novel starts out right in the middle of the action.  Right when Shanna Clark is being shot at by someone.

She then has to duck and run to be able to get away.  And it’s with the reluctant help from a rancher, Jace Lantry, that she is able to get away.

Together they go on the run.  

What follows is a story of Shanna and Jace trying to discover the reason why the boss would want her dead.

As they spend time together, they get to know each other too.  Their romance advances quickly and they have a steamy scene only knowing each other a short time.  

There is only one sexy scene to watch for and it’s pretty detailed.  Easily skipped over if that’s what you do!  You don’t miss much of the storyline when you skip.

There isn’t a whole lot of romance that happens before the sexy scene.  They just jump in.

In the end, the ones that are doing this to Shanna are not who you expect them to be. And the reasons why they were happening were not laid out well enough to really understand.

The author’s writing is actually pretty good but there are holes in the plot line that leave you filling in the blanks in stead of having the pieces there for you to read.

Some things were not realistic.  Things like the whole deal with the daughter and Linda.  The scenes with the daughter were questionable.  Having said that, I know that the storyline was not focused on the her either.

I liked the idea behind the story.  The idea of having a fall guy for the scheme that they were trying to pull off makes a great story.  But there wasn’t enough back story to really understand the whos and the whys.

I definitely like the new book cover for this book!

I will watch to see more of this author.  I did enjoy the book even though it is not the best that I’ve read.

Check it out for yourself!

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