Trevor Family Saga

Originally Published: 09-01-2020

Book Details

The Trevor Family Saga is a 5-book collection written by Anita Stansfield.

Book Series Summary

The Trevor Family Saga is a 5-book collection.  This series is filled with LDS content within each of the storylines.

Book 1, Return to Love, starts us out with the beginning of JannaLyn Hayne’s and Colin Trevor’s romance.  But it doesn’t end there!

Book 2, To Love Again, continues their relationship as it deepens as life happens.

Book 3, When Forever Comes, brings us a whole new set of characters.  Hilary Smith and Jake Hayden.

Book 4, A Christmas Melody, is a tender and sweet Christmas story about Melody Morgan and Matthew Trevor.

Book 5, For Love Alone, we finally get to know Mallory Taylor’s story!!

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To Love Again

A Christmas Melody

For Love Alone

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