Dark Prince

Originally Published: 06-27-2018

Book Summary

Dark Prince is the first book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This is the beginning of the Carpathian people, with Mikhail Dubrinsky as their prince.

This book has several book covers that have been published over the years.  You’ll find the ones that I’ve been able to find on this page.

This book series starts out with Mikhail being terribly despondant that things are the way they are.  And he’s bemoaning his existance.

As a Carpathian, he as telepathic abilities, so when he hears another answer his cry for help, he’s astonished and curious.

Raven Whitney is a strong telepath that hears Mikhail’s cry for help.

But she might not be strong enough to resist his charm

As the leader of the Carpathian people, Mikhail has a duty to protect his people.  But he’s been feeling the weight of that responsiblity.

As part of the Carpathian way, the men lost their ability to see in color and lost all emotions in their early years.  And because they are immortal, this is around their 200year mark!!

So as the oldest Carpathian, Mikhail has been without color and emotion for some time.

So when he starts seeing in color and actually feeling after he’s connected with Raven, he knows that he can do nothing but claim her as his own.

Now claiming a human was unthinkable in the Carpathian culture as when they tried to convert human woman before, the woman turned mad.  So when he hears Raven and he starts to see in color, he knows that things are different this time.

Or at least he hopes.

They figure out that, by the time the end of the book, that because she’s psychic she can be converted safely.

So the majority of the story is Raven and Mikhail getting to know each other.  And all the ins and outs that that requires.

That does include intimacy as well.  The sexy scenes are filled with details but Christine Feehan writes them differently than many authors. 

And because this is the beginning a series, you are introduced to a whole cast of new characters.  Ones that will eventually have their own stories.

This story follows the same pattern as the rest of the story.

That of: the male Carpathian senses his lifemate, starts to see in color and feel emotion, then he and his lady must come to some compromises that enable them to be together.  Things like he’s Old World thinking and she is a modern, independant woman.

Raven and Mikhail go through considerable growth during the storyline. They both have to adjust to actually being with someone.

And then they have to pool their considerable skills and resources to combat the evil vampire that used to be their friend.

There are a ton of detail that is included in the storyline.  Details that introduce both the human and the Carpathian cultures.  Christine Feehan also goes to great strides to describe some of the characters.

All in all though, it’s a great start to a new book series.  Please know that this is not an easy read.  You need to pay attention to the details to know who is who and what they are all about.

This whole series is definitely worth checking out!

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