Lover Revealed

Originally Published: 08-22-2018

Book Summary

Lover Revealed is the 4th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward.

This book picks up right after book 3, Dark Awakened.

This story is about Butch O’Neal.  If you remember, he’s the human cop that was befriended by the brothers all the back in book 1 with the whole situation happened with Beth.

Also in book 1, Butch met Marissa for the first time.  She’s a female vampire that was Wrath’s blood source even though they had never mated.  So she was an untouched female in the vampire aristocracy.

When things happened between Wrath and Beth, Marissa was on her own, subject to the gossips of the glymera (vampire aristocracy).

And when Butch first meets her, he’s completely smitten.  So throughout the first three books, you see him pining for Marissa.

Now Butch is a big, tough human.  Before he joined the brothers, he was a homicide detective.  So he’s a big, strong guy that can actually keep up with some of the brothers.

They certainly have welcomed him into brotherhood as one of their own.

But he still feels like an outsider because he’s human.

So when he encounters a civilian vampire being chased by some lessers, he steps in to help.  And even though he’s completely outnumbered, he gets the vampire to poof away.

But in the end he gets taken.

And while with the lessers, he’s horribly tortured and beaten.  And the Omega puts some of himself into Butch and leaves him to be found by the Brotherhood.

Now within the brothers, Butch is best friends with Vishous.  Vishous is the one that can have visions and forced Butch to drink some of his blood so they could find him.  They’ve been roomies since they all moved into the compound in book 2.

Now Vishous is having some of his own issues, and while some things are shared in this story, but most of them will come up in the next book, Lover Unbound, when we find out his story.

When Vishous was able to rescue Butch from the lessers, he had to use his hand to be able to destroy the thing inside of him.  But it left him connected to the lessers and changed him into something that he doesn’t understand.

So for the majority of the story, Butch tries to find out what’s happening.  With Vishous’ help, they find out quite a few things.

Back when he was first injured, Vishous called Marissa to go to Butch so that Butch would stay alive as the thing in him was killing him.

And while the romance starts to grow between them, there are many obstacles that they have to overcome.  

Marissa has her own story as well.  When she was in quarantine with Butch, they bonded and her brother, Havers, finds out.  And because of that, he kicks her out.  With no place to go, she goes to the compound for sanctuary.

While at the compound, they spend more time together and come to realize their feelings.  And like any good romance, their insecurities come to light and make it difficult for them to be together!

And a whole lot happens in this story.

Vishous plays a huge role in this story.  And that makes it that it leads to his story, which is the next book in the series.

Now Vishous is worried about Butch and helps him a lot.  He also come up with the hair-brained idea that they should convert Butch to a vampire.  They have to get approval from the Scribe Virgin to perform a regression on him. 

With the help of his special hand, they find out that Butch is actually a decent of Wrath.  So that makes it possible that he’s able to be turned.  This is a poignant scene with Wrath, Beth, Marissa, Rhage and Vishous helping to make the change happens.

And in and amongst all this, there are sexy scenes that happen because the relationship between them is tender and new.  Marissa is an untouched female and Butch must teach her things.  And that does include details in those scenes.

There is so much that happens in this book, you just have to read.

But I will say is that Butch becomes a vampire, is the one in the prophecy and becomes the Destroyer.  And together with Vishous, they are the ones that will take down the Omega.

And after much, Marissa and Butch finally mate and live happily ever after.  

Each book is filled with details about the characters that take up pages of notes that can be written about them.

And the story leads you to know that things with Vishous are not going well and the next book is his story.  So check out book 5, Lover Unbound, to find out what happens with Vishous!!

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