Mulberry Moon

Originally Published: 03-06-2018

Mulberry Moon by Catherine Anderson
Book 3

Mulberry Moon is the 3rd book in the Mystic Creek Series by Catherine Anderson.

This book bring us another brother in the Sterling family.  Ben.

He’s the one that’s been a rodeo stockbroker and has finally come back to Mystic Creek to settle down.  He’s bought a farm and a whole slew of animals that he’s in charge of.

And Sissy Sue Bentley caught his eye in book 2.  And it’s a chance encounter with a bunch of chickens that he just might have a chance to get past her cold exterior.

Book Summary

Sissy’s the owner of the small cafe, The Cauldren, in Mystic Creek.  She inherited the cafe from her late aunt.  She also has sworn off men, completely.

At first, Ben gets a cold shoulder from Sissy, but after helping her catch her 80 chickens and seeing a different side of her, he thinks otherwise.

And in helping her, he decides that he is going to get past her cold exterior to see her warm insides.  So the majority of the storyline is Ben helping Sissy in her small cafe.  She’s running a one woman show. 

Ben has been playing the field for some time and is tired of having women that won’t accept him for who he is.  There’s lots of internal dialogue where he goes over what he likes and what has turned him off from previous relationships.

You also get to know Sissy.  She comes from a broken home and is very wary of men.  She doesn’t trust well and so that adds more to the storyline.

But as the storyline goes, they really get to know each other.  And they even profess their love for each other before they even kiss. 

I will admit that he falls for her pretty fast.  And he keeps sticking around to see if things will work with her.  And after she gets hurt and is laid up, he takes over the cafe (under her direction) and she really sees him for who he is and that she can trust him.

So the majority of the storyline is them getting to know each other through some really hard challenges.  And it shows to both of them that they can rely upon each other.  That they can have a relationship that is based on mutual respect and acceptance.

There is little to no sexy details in the scenes.  And the main female character is a virgin.  Due to her injuries, they don’t go all the way until closer to the end of the book.

Of course, her past comes back to haunt her.  It wouldn’t be a romance without some trouble happening.  Sissy goes through a whole lot that is horrible and traumatic.  Ben sticks around and forces her to see that he does love her.  And in the end, she heals in a deep, profound way because of the love that’s between them.  She also heals the rift that she had with her mother.

Overall, the story is a good one.  I enjoyed it and read it again as book 4 has just come out!

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