The Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series

Originally Published: 05-03-2018

Book Details

The Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series by Catherine Anderson is a series about three prominent and successful families that live in the beautiful country of Oregon.

On Catherine Anderson’s site, she lists each of the books as a separate book series, but they are all connected with the characters.

Each of these books in this series can be read alone.  There is no back story branching from one book to another.  They are about the connected characters in each story line

Book Series Summary

Book 1, Baby Love, is about Rafe Kendrick and Maggie Stanley.

Book 2 is where the Kendrick family marries into the Coulter family.

So book 2, Phantom Waltz, is about Ryan Kendrick and Bethany Coulter.

Books 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are about the Coulter brothers.

Book 3, Sweet Nothings, brings us Jake Coulter and Molly Wells.

Book 4, Blue Skies, is about Jake’s brother Hank and Carly Adams.

Book 5, Bright Eyes, is about Zeke Coulter and Natalie Patterson.

Book 6, My Sunshine, is a moving story about Isaiah Coulter and Laura Townsend.

Book 7, Sun Kissed, brings us the beginning of the Harrigan family. Samantha Harrigan is the owner of a horse ranch and Tucker Coulter is the local vet that helps her when one of her horses is poisoned.

Books 8 through 11 are about the rest of the Harrigan brothers.  

Book 8, Morning Light, is an inspirational story about Clint Harrigan and Loni MacEwen.

Book 9, Star Bright, brings us Parker Harrigan’s story.  When he meets Rainie Hall, he knows she’s lying.

Book 10, Here to Stay, brings us the Harrigan family again.  Zachary Harrigan has a ranch filled with mini horses that he uses for people with disabilities.  So, when Mandy Pajeck finds him and asks him to help with her younger brother, he has to convince her to stay as well.

Book 11, Perfect Timing, is the last of the Harrigans.  Loni (book 8) is sick and they don’t know what she has.  When Ceara O’Ceallaigh tells Quincy Harrigan that she can break the curse that is attached to his family by marrying her, he’s a little skeptical.

Now each of the books can read on their own, but it’s fun to see how each of the characters have grown as the series moves forward. Click on the book covers to read the individual #bookdetails about each book!

Check out each book in the Kendrick, Coulter, Harrigan Series

Baby Love

Book 1

Blue Skies

Book 4

Bright Eyes

Book 5

My Sunshine

Book 6

Sun Kissed

Book 7

Star Bright

Book 9

Here to Stay

Book 10

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