Temptation Ridge

Originally Published: 02-12-2018

Temptation Ridge by Robyn Carr is book 6 in the Virgin River Series.

Book Summary

This is the where you first meet the Riodan brothers.  

Luke Riodan and his brother Sean bought up some old cabins by the river way back before the whole timeline of the Virgin River Series.

Now that the old man that they bought the house from has passed on, Luke has come to see what the condition of the cabins are and figure out what he can do about them.

Luke is the oldest of five boys and they are part of the rest of this book series. There’s Colin, Aiden, Sean and Patrick.  Click on their name to see their book.

This book is not just the two main characters, although they do play the largest part.  This is Shelby McIntyre’s and Luke Riodan’s story.

There is a ton of things that happen that make this an enjoyable and entertaining story.

Mike and Brie have a baby girl!!!

Sadly old Doc Mullins dies.  This is so sad but RC makes it so tender.

Joe and Nikki get married. 

Cameron and Abby have an amazing night together at Nikki’s wedding.  They finally get together in book 7.

Mel helps Cheryl get into a detox center.  She gets her own story in book ?.

There’s a horrible school bus accident that Shelby stumbles upon.  She rally’s everyone else, and the town comes together to save their children.

Walt and Muriel become acquainted.  If you remember, he’s Vanni’s dad and the general.  Even these two work through their issues.

Shelby is Walt’s niece.

And because Luke is an army brat and trained as a Black Hawk, he has a healthy fear of the general.

This makes for some entertaining scenes.  

Luke had come to Virgin River to fix up those cabins, but it turned out to be place where he could plant some roots and build a home.

You also meet Art.  He was found squatting in the cabins.  Luke found him, noticed that he had Down Syndrome and was beaten up.  Luke gives him shelter and figures out where he came from.

So the book covers a lot and is entertaining and interesting.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Virgin River Series all over again.

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