Race Against Time

Originally Published: 10-25-2017

Race Against Time is a stand-alone novel by Sharon Sala, published in June of 2017!

Book Details

This is two stories in one.

First, is about Starla Davis.  She lied to her parents about sleeping over at a friend’s house to go out with a boy.  

But instead of meeting with a boy she thought she was in love with, she is kidnapped and then sold into a human trafficing ring.  Very sad;(

At first, you get to know Starla and what happens to her.

Starla is 17 yrs old girl and finds herself in a room with other girls around her age.  They are stripped, cleaned and “put onto the auction block”.  Starla is then bought by a man named, Anton Baba, a crime lord in Las Vegas.

And her name is now Star.

She knows that she isn’t going to be rescued.  Her family doesn’t have any idea where she is or where she was going.  

But she does know that she has to survive.

And so she does.  And it is when she finds herself pregnant with Anton’s child that she knows that she needs to fight to survive, now for her child as well as for herself.

But when she hears that she is going to be sold again, she takes matters into her own hands to escape.

And as luck would have it, there are FBI agents undercover in the Baba household.  And they agree to help her get out in exchange for her testimony.

But things going horribly wrong.

In an altercation with Anton’s men, the agents are killed and she and Sammy (her son who is now a toddler) are thrown from the vehicle.  While she was badly wounded , she was able to protect Sammy and find him a hiding spot before Anton’s men could find her again.

So this is where the second story comes into play.

Star gets taken by Anton’s men and little Sammy’s hiding in a bush!!

Quinn O’Meara comes riding by and not only sees the burning car but also sees the tiny toddler and picks him up.

As she is rescuing the toddler, she gets shot by one of Anton’s men that stayed behind to clean up.

She quickly wraps the boy in her jacket and hops on her bike and heads back into Las Vegas where there are lots of people and she can get lost in the crowds.

She heads local police department and literally falls into Nick Saldano’s hands.

This is the romance part of the story.  Nick and Quinn knew each other in a crappy foster home before Nick’s family came and got him.

Quinn wasn’t so lucky.  She bounced from foster home to foster home until she was in one with the step-father from he**.  That was when she took off for parts unknown.

But after her showing up at his precinct, and finding out that this is connected to Anton Baba, he knows that he can’t leave her alone with no protection.

Nick makes a point to not only stay with Quinn and protect her but he also realizes that they knew each other.

As they stay together, they get to know each other and realize that they are perfect for each other.

Okay, it’s a bit cheesy with how fast they work out their issues and come to terms with things so easily.  But it is still a well-written story with lots of action and romance.

This could easily be part of a series, but it’s not as far as I can tell.

Sharon Sala is a talented author and this book shows that.  Definitely worth checking out!!

The sex scenes are medium to low with not a lot of details.  They fit with the storyline and help with the growth of the characters.

There is no details about the life that Star was exposed to in the human trafficking ring, or being sold to a crime lord.  And while this would be a horrific situation to be a part of, and you do find out what happens to Star, the story line is more focused on the relationship between Quinn and Nick.

I definitely read the story several times, it was that enjoyable!!

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