Shadow Rider

Last Published: 06-22-2018

Book Summary

Shadow Rider is the 1st book in the Shadow Rider Series.  

This one stars Stefano Ferraro.  He is the head a large family of “riders”.  He has been taking care of his family since he was quite young since his mother and father didn’t step to take care of them.

Stefano takes one look at Francesca Capello and knows that she is his.  When he sees her shadow, he knows she is a rider (A rider is one who can ride the shadows).

When Stephano finds another rider to be his woman, it gives them all hope that there are others out there for all of them. This part of the back story isn’t explained well, but they had almost given up hope in finding mates for each of them.  

So with the appearance of Francesca, the whole family rallies behind her and supports her when she needed it so badly.  Knowing that if she has come into their lives, there’s going to be “the one” for the others to find as well.  

By the end of this book, Nicoletta is pulled from a really bad situation and is discovered to be a rider too.

What I liked about this book:  The storyline, with Stephano and Francesca, was sweet how he won her over and didn’t down play her feelings or what she thought.  

Stephano is a strong, powerful personality in life and in work.  Their courtship was slow but persistent!!  He has to win her over because he knows that he cannot live without her.  They do end up “falling in love”, which I liked.

What I didn’t like was the amount of use of the F word!!  I know it is a part of some people’s lifestyle.  I just thought it was a bit much.  

I also didn’t like how many sex scenes there were in the second half of the book.  Way too much.  It started to overpower the plot line, and the story was a good one with the bad guys getting destroyed and the good guys coming out on top!!

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