Author Susan Wiggs

Originally Published: 06-01-2017

About the Author

Susan Wiggs is an incredible author that dabbles in historical and contemporary romance.  She has a ton of books to her name, not all being part of a book series.  

Her books are filled with amazing characters with real life problems whether set in modern times or in historical times.  She is able to pull you in and make you feel like you are part of the story.  Her stories take real life issues and effortlessly figure ways to deal with them.  I have yet to read one of her books that did not leave me with tears in my eyes or a sigh in my chest after I finished reading.

Her loves scenes are tastefully done and fit within the plot line.  She doesn’t go into extreme detail but enough that you feel the love and romance between the characters.  

She has a handful of stand-alone books that are captivating and unforgettable.  I have listed some of the ones that I have read.  Check out her site for a full list of her books.

The Bella Vista Chronicles

The Lakeshore Chronicles

The Calhoun Chronicles

Stand Alone Novels

The Drifter

This is a sweet story about settling down and learning to love.

The Lightkeeper

This is about Mary and Jesse.  Both have been hurt beyond measure but both have the capacity to heal.

Just Breathe

This story is about learning to breathe when something horrible happens that you can’t control and learning to stand on your feet after.

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