The Toughest Cowboy in Texas

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Details

The Toughest Cowboy in Texas is the 1st book in the Happy, Texas Series by Carolyn Brown.

This series is about the Dawson family that live at the Happy, Texas.  There’s Brody, Kasey and Jace.

This first story is about Brody Dawson and his first love Lila Harris.  

Lila (short for Delilah) and Brody grew up best friends.  She was the one that always got Brody and Jace into trouble.

But when she moved away, both their hearts were broken.  Hers because he didn’t show up to their first official date, just before she left.  And his heart was broken because he didn’t have the courage to show the world how he felt about her.

Now, 12 years later, Lila has come back to help run, and maybe sell, the café that her mother owns.

Lila was the wild child.

Brody was the son the well-to-do Dawson family.  When he was a boy, they always met in secret.

Now that she’s back, he knows that his feelings for her have never changed.  And he regrets treating her terribly the night before she moved away.

So this story is about Brody coming to terms with his deep feelings that he has for Lila.  And for knowing that he must show her that he loves her by showing the people in Happy, Texas and also his family that he loves her and wants to be with her.

And this story is about Lila realizing that she can be both people, the wild child of her youth and the responsible teacher that she is as an adult.

The love scenes in this story are sweet and tender.  The author doesn’t use crude words nor does she describe things in immense detail.  I would rate it a 2 out of 10 kind of level.  Not really there at all.

This is a full length novel where Brody chooses to be the toughest cowboy in Texas by standing up to all the people in Happy, Texas, including his family, to let them know that he wants to be with Lila no matter what they think.

It’s a really sweet and tender story.   I really enjoyed it.

I’m excited for book 2, Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas. It came out September of 2017!!!  Kasey definitely needs her own story.

And then Jace will most likely getting his story in The Luckiest Cowboy of All.  This one came out in January 2018.

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