Dear John

Originally Published: 10-15-2018

Book Summary

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks is a tear-jerker type of book that was made into a motion picture in 2010!

This book does NOT belong to any book series, but it’s a really great read that’s worth mentioning here.

As you can see, there are several book covers made for this book.  

You will find that although Nicholas Sparks is not classified as a romance author, Dear John is classified as a contemporary romance and romantic fiction.  You’ll also find it under just fiction.  This is because this story does NOT end with a happily ever after like romance books should.

If you’ve taken the time to read the book and watch the movie, you’ll know that there’s quite a bit of literary license taken for the movie to be able to flow and move thru the story.

Here, however, I’ll talk about the book and what you will find when you read the book.

Now the book is quite similar to the movie, with all the main events happening in the same order.

But you’ll find that there’s more information added to the book to help us understand why the characters are they way they are.

But first some #bookdetails.

This book is written in first person, in John’s point of view throughout the whole storyline.  And the whole of the storyline is about the relationship between him and Savannah.

Now the book is not actually a long book.  There’s only 280 pages and can be read in an evening.  And this story is not part of any book series.

As John is in the army, there is some violence that we need to watch for.  But there isn’t swearing like you’d expect from soldiers.

There is one sexy scene that happens, but there’s not many details in this scene.

As this story is about John’s perspective, we get to know what he’s thinking and feeling and why he does what he does.

So I found the story to be more about John and his choices, not so much about Savannah and what her choices were.

Now this story is about John meeting Savannah and falling hard for her in just two weeks.  Because he’s only on leave, he must head back to Germany and the fighting that’s happening there.

So you’ll find that the book goes into a lot more detail about army life for John and what he had to deal with on a regular basis.

It also goes into more detail about the whole situation with his father and the mental disorders that he might have.  And how he grows in his feelings for his dad and how his perspective changes through the time that he’s together with Savannah.

The book also goes into more detail about who Savannah was and why she was the serious, already mature character for a young adult that she was in the storyline.  Her story was much more serious than the movie portrayed.

Now the movie does have a better ending then the book, but the book gives us a different type of ending and one that gives us a deeper understanding into John’s character and who he became by the end of the story.

I did like the movie ending because they end up together, but when you think of who each of them were and what they had to overcome and what they changed to, you might just find that the ending in the book was a better one.

I found that both watching the movie and reading the book to be worth my time.  Nicholas Sparks is an amazing storyteller that pulls you into the story and makes you feel what the characters are feeling.

And his way of using first person, in John’s POV, makes it more poignant and touching as he moves John’s character thru the storyline.

And just like many of his books, Dear John was a story to enjoy again and again.   So check it out!

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