Originally Published: 08-11-2018

Short stories from Alexandra Ivy, Nina Bangs, Dianne Duvall, and Hannah Jayne

Predatory is an anthology book with four short novellas that are enjoyable paranormal romance stories by some talented authors!  Each story fits within a book series by the author.

You will find the book covers that I was able to find for each of the individual books!!

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Out of Control by Alexandra Ivy

Out of Control is book 0.5 in the Sentinels Series by Alexandra Ivy.  

This short novella is the first book in this series with Nikolo Bartrev disguising himself as a professor to get close to Angela Locke.

She’s a genius who majors in molecular biology.  And she happens to be a high-blood who doesn’t know she’s a high-blood.

She has the ability to alter cells at the molecular level.  But she doesn’t find that out til right at the end!!

Okay, so, when Niko sees Angela, he knows that she’s his.  

But he’s also tailing a rogue high-blood that wants Angela for her skills.  Dylan’s a special high-blood that was born looking not quite human.  And she’s also a psychopath that will do anything to look more human.

Because this book is a novella, the story happens quickly. 

Niko rescues Angela in the nick of time from Dylan only to have to take her to a safe house.

And while in the safe house, they give in to the intense attraction that they feel for each other.

And then the story ends quickly with Niko once again rescuing Angela and then Angela rescuing Niko!!

It’s a cute story only 112 pages long!  But it gives us a fun look into what the series will be about.

Check out Duncan’s and Callie’s story in book 1, Born in Blood.

Ties that Bind by Nina Bangs

In Still Darkness by Dianne Duvall

In Still Darkness is book 3.5 of the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall.

This story is a short novella about Richart d’Alencon and Jenna McBride.

He’s an Immortal Guardian that was turned by his sister, Lisette (book 5) along with his brother Etienne (book 4).  

He has the ability to teleport as well as being telepathic with his siblings.

He rescues Jenna from a vampire only to the fall hard for her.  

And then during a battle with quite a few vampires, he teleports to her living room and gets stuck there as he’s been drugged by a drug that they haven’t encountered yet.

And then he has to share his whole story to her.  But it also makes the fall harder for each other.

And they find out that she is a gifted one as well and can be transformed into an Immortal Guardian as well.

So this is a short, fun story that lets us know more about the fight that the Immortal Guardians have to face everyday.

Now Jenna and her son John join the fight along side Richart.

Check out Etienne’s and Krysta’s story next in book 4, Darkness Rises.

High Stakes by Hannah Jayne

High Stakes by Hannah Jayne is a stand-alone novella that is really a stand-alone novel, not belonging in any book series.  And there is no separate book cover for this book.

This story is about …..

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