The Warner Family Series by Ann Christopher

Originally Published: 08-05-2020

The Warner Family Series by Ann Christopher is a book series about an African American family.

She is coming out with all new book covers for this series.  The ones listed below are the new ones.  Take a look at each page to see the original book covers.

With the new book covers, she is reissuing this series.

This family is ultra rich and are the owners of WarnerBrands International with the members playing vital roles within the company.

Book Series Summary

This series starts out with Andrew Warner, heir and CEO in book 1, Tender Secrets, battling with his lovely rival Viveca Jackson.

Book 2, Road to Seduction, is about Andrew’s cousin Eric Warner and his best friend Izzy Stevens.

Book 3, Campaign to Seduction, is about Jonathan Warner and Liza Wilson.

Book 4, Redemption’s Kiss, is Jillian Warner’s and Beau Taylor’s story.

Book 5, Redemption’s Touch, is about Dawson Reynolds and Arianna Warner.

After I have read more than one of the books in this series, I will let you know more of how they are connected.

In the meantime, click the book cover of book 1 to see all the #bookdetails for Tender Secrets.

Check out the individual books in the Warner Family Series

Road to Seduction

Campaign to Seduction

Redemption’s Kiss

Redemption’s Touch

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