Wild Horses

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Summary

Wild Horses in the 1st book in the Montana Hamiltons Series.  

This story is about Livie Hamilton and Cooper Barnett.  She is one of the 6 daughters of the prominent Hamilton family.  

Sarah and Buckmaster Hamilton are her parents.  The background story, that is throughout the whole series, is trying to find out why Sarah disappeared for more than 20 years and what she was up to.  And why she came back.

Book 1 starts us off with Livie (Olivia) and Cooper.  

The biggest issue is that he’s the farmhand.  That makes the relationship difficult to begin with.  It takes awhile for them to fully trust each other.  

But when a blackmailer comes after Livie, Cooper knows he will do anything to protect her.  It’s as they are trying to figure out who is blackmailing her that they really get to know each other.

It’s a cute story.

There’s also the background plot that has to deal with the mother, Sarah.  She has come back into their lives after being gone for 22yrs.  She has no memory of where  she’s been but she’s back.  And there’s lots  of secrets following her!!

Definitely worth checking out.

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