The Brothers in Blue Series by K. Langston

Originally Published: 08-23-2017

Book Details

Author K. Langston is an up and coming contemporary romance author.  She has only a few books.

Here’s her website and her Facebook page.

She’s a good writer.  She writes in alternating first person, so you get to see both the main character’s points of view.

She does get quite detailed in the sex scenes, almost too much!

Book Series Summary

The Brothers in Blue Series is about the six Cunningham Brothers.

Each of them hold a different badge in the law.  Each are sworn to serve and protect.

So far, there are only three books in this series, but I’m sure the author is writing the rest!!

Book 1, The Officer’s Promise, is about Ryker and MaryAnn Glover.  She was his high school crush.  Now she can be his forever love.

Book 2, The Detective’s Trust, is about …. I’ll get back to you!

Book 3, The Sergeant’s Protection, is about …. I’ll let you know!

Click on the book cover to see #bookdetails about it!  If there is no link, I haven’t read it yet.

Check out the individual books in the Brothers in Blue Series:

The Detective’s Trust

The Sergeant’s Protection

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