The Ghostwalker Series

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Series Summary

The Ghostwalker Series is about Dr. Whitney.  He is a scientist with immeasurable wealth and connections.  He starts with young girls, finds them in orphanages and adopts them.  He then run tests on them, some good, most bad.  After they have served their purpose, he either adopts them out and forgets them or adopts them out and keeps tabs on them their whole lives.  

As the books continue, you find that he also had groups of men to sign up for testing and experimentation.  Each of the men had some sort of psychic power and they were part of the military.  And he takes them and makes them stronger, faster.  He also has made it that each of these girls (now grown women) to be genetically connected to one of these men.  

This man, Dr. Whitney,  is morbidly sick.  As you read each story, you find how he has manipulated all of these men and women.  Making them genetically enhanced and altered to be with one particular partner, hence the book series.

This book series is dark in theme and in feel.  Nothing like the Dark Series.  

In the beginning Dr. Whitney is supposedly dead.  The one girl he raised as his own, Lily, is left with the labyrinth of her father’s past.  She has to unravel his secrets and she finds Ryland Miller to help her.  What she finds is betrayal, secrets so deep and all these women who are lost.  She takes it upon herself to find them.

Her and Ryland begin this search for all of these women that were experimented on and sent out into the world.  Some knew how to function, some didn’t.  

Each of the men and women have some sort of psychic power to sense each other but also those around them.  Most of the time these men were part of the same military group, but some were actual family, brothers even

Book 1  –  Shadow Game  –  Ryland Miller and Lily Whitney

Book 2  –  Mind Game  –  Dahlia Le Blanc and Nicolas Trevane

Book 3  –  Night Game  –  Gator Fontenot and Iris ‘Flame’ Johnson

Book 4  –  Conspiracy Game  –  Jack Norton and Briony

Book 5  –  Deadly Game  –  Ken Norton (twin to Jack) and Mari (twin to Briony)

Book 6  –  Predatory Game  –  Saber Wynter and Jess Calhoun

Book 7  –  Murder Game  –  Kadan Montague and Tansy Meadows

Book 8  –  Street Game  –  Mack McKinley and Jaimie

Book 9  –  Ruthless Game  –  Kane Cannon and Rose Patterson

Book 10  –  Samurai Game  –  Azami and Sam Johnson

Book 11  –  Viper Game  –  Wyatt Fontenot and Pepper

Book 12 – Spider Game – 

I will admit that the Ghostwalker Series was hard for me to read.  I couldn’t get past how evil Dr. Whitney was portrayed.  I know that not all books can be light and fun and happy, but to read how he completely manipulated all these people was hard for me to read.  This series is very different than the Dark Series or the Leopard Series.  

Please know that I chose not to write any pages for this series after reading the first few books because I couldn’t read this series!! I included this page as Christine Feehan is an excellent storyteller.

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