Echoes at Dawn

Originally Published: 02-20-2018

Book Summary

Echoes at Dawn by Maya Banks is the 5th book in the KGI Series.

This book follows really close in events to what happen in book 4.  

This book stars Grace Peterson and Rio.

Grace is Shea’s sister (book 4).  And Rio is the team leader of one of the teams employed by KGI.

Just like Shea, Grace has abilities.  But there’s one big difference with Grace.  She can really heal, with the touch of her hands.

She has been on the run, along with her sister, for awhile now.  They can’t afford for anyone to find her to exploit her or Shea.

They are also telepathic.  But due to the stress of what each has been going through, they have lost contact of each other.  So while Shea has found a life and safety with Nathan, Grace is still on the run.

While Nathan and his brothers have been protecting Shea, Rio and his team go after Grace.  He takes one look at Grace and knows he’s going to go find her.  

What follows is an emotional story of one that is so completely exploited and abused that it takes time and a special love to heal.

Rio takes her and the rest of his team to a hideout that only they know about. And it gives Grace the time to really heal and get back on her feet.  

You see, when Grace heals, she takes on the injury, whatever it may be, onto herself.  And then she magically gets better.  But the ones that had her, had been forcing her to heal some pretty crazy people.  So she is pretty beaten up and bruised, figuratively and physically.

And it is during this time that Rio declares his interest.  Their relationship moves pretty fast and they even declare love to each other.  It’s a bit cheesy how fast it happens but…

Yes, the sexy scenes can be skipped over without missing any of the storyline.  And there are few to deal with.

In the end, one of his own betrays him and she has a major set back.  And then before she is completely healed, she gets kidnapped by one of the original ones that wanted her.

There is a very wealthy man that wants her for her abilities.  He has a young daughter that is very sick and he will stop at nothing to find Grace.  He hired Hancock to find Grace and bring her to him.

The ending of the story was not what I expected.  Grace does heal this little girl, but she insists that Rio be there to help her. 

Then to everyone’s surprise, Hancock kills the father of the little girl.  And then he helps Rio to fake Grace’s death so then she can live a normal life and not be hounded by any evil that might want to exploit her.

Oh, and they adopt the little girl as their own!

 So not only do you find out about some of the regular characters, you also meet new ones that play a role in future books.  Hancock gets his story in book 10!!!

The story is an emotionally charged story from beginning to end.  It’s the type of story that stays with you long after you have finished reading it.

So not only do you see that some of the teams have lives and families, you also see that the brothers are moving on with theirs as well.

This whole series is definitely worth reading.

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