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Last published: 11-23-2020

Steampunk Proper Romance Series - Nancy Campbell Allen
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Nancy Campbell Allen is a romantic suspense and historical author.  She’s also starting writing in the Steampunk romance genre.

You’ll find that she doesn’t really have a website but she’s on different book lists.

The Steampunk Proper Romance Series is a 4-book series about four men that served in the war together.  This series falls after the war, after each has gone on with their lives and have settled back into the lives they left behind.

Books 1, 2, 3, and 4 were published in 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively!!

This series is based in the regency era, somewhere in the 1800s.  So not only is this series classified as steampunk science fiction, it’s also a Victorian historical romance.

The customs and language and style of the world and characters fall under that era and Allen does a good job of being consistent in details.

This series is about Miles, Daniel, Sam and Oliver.  They all spent time together during the war and endured much.  Keep in mind that because this is a steampunk and a historical novel, the things that these characters deal with and are are connected to this eras and customs.

And what’s even more fun is that each story is a spin of a fairy tale.

This series starts us out with Miles Blake’s story, Lord Miles Phillip Charles Blake, 14th Earl of Blackwell Manor!!  This one is definitely a beauty and the beast story!!

So, book 1, Beauty and the Clockwork Beast, is about Lucy Pickett and Lord Miles.  When Miles encounters Lucy, he knows that his world is about to change.

Book 2, Kiss of the Spindle, is about Dr. Isla Cooper and Daniel Pickett.  This one is similar to sleeping beauty.  Daniel is brother to Lucy.  And when he’s coerced to let Isla Copper on his airship, he’s entranced!!

Book 3, The Lady in the Coppergate Tower, is about Sam MacInnes and Hazel Hughes.  This one’s a fantastic spin of Rapunzel!!  A lost sister, a count that has nefarious purposes and an entertaining adventure keep you stuck in this one till you’re finished.

Book 4, Brass Carriages and Glass Hearts, is Emmeline O’Shea and Oliver Reed finally see each other.  And with a spin-off of Cinderella, we see Emmy not only get the guy but also deliver the speech!!!

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