Originally Published: 09-09-2017

Book Details

Brash is the 3rd book in the Cavanaugh Brothers Series by Laura Wright.

This series is about the Cavanaugh brothers.  The ones that were born Cavanaugh’s and the one that wasn’t.

There’s Deacon, James, Cole, and Blue.

This is Cole’s story.

He is a UFC champion and the twin to Cassandra, his sister who was kidnapped and murdered when they were all teenagers.

Because of the treatment and abuse that was dished out from their mother, Cole went into fighting.  First underground and then legit.

So he had a ton of anger and was often very brash.  Hence the book name!!

In book 2, Cole sees James meeting with someone in town.  This person happens to be the daughter to the ex-sheriff.  The sheriff that was the sheriff when their sister had been taken and murdered!!!

So in this story, Cole takes it upon himself to find out more from Grace Hunter.

Cole and Grace are complete opposites.  He is a brash, cocky fighter who uses his fists to make money.  She is the plain and ordinary town vet in River Black.

But when he sprains his ankle badly, she is the one to help him heal.

So this story is about them getting to know each other.

But it’s also where they are digging into what happened to Cass.  They are working together instead of against each other.  She wants to protect her father because he is a care home with dementia and can’t remember her most days.  He wants to find out who killed his sister.

But while you are getting to know Grace and Cole, you also see the other brothers and experience some of the love and excitement that they have having found the one that they needed.

There are explicit sex scenes in this story as well as the others even though it is classified as a western romance.  But if you flip pages, like me, you can still catch the plot line and understand what goes on.

This particular book really makes you wonder who could have killed Cass.  Especially when they find some very important information that helps them to open the case again.

I’m excited to read book 4 and find out all the juicy details!!!

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