Author Dorothy Keddington

Originally Published: 09-16-2020

About the Author

Dorothy Keddington is an author of only a few romance novels.  But those novels will be remembered for the touching and thought provoking stories that they were.

She’s an LDS author who writes powerful and memorable stories long after you’re done reading them.  So while she’s an LDS author, her books don’t have any LDS content in them.  You could classify each as a clean romance or maybe even a Christian romance.

You’ll find that her style of writing is definitely dated, according to 2020 standards.  But they’re perfect for being written in the 80s and 90s with the style and customs of the timeframe.  That’s with characters that are more reserved and don’t flaunt everything and choose to wait until marriage – that type of thing.

The books listed here are the ones that I’ve been able to find and the ones that I bought years ago and have kept in my own collection. 

She doesn’t have a website, so here’s her Facebook page.  All of her books are clean and sweet and filled with intrigue and adventure.

Please note that each of these books are a true stand-alone novel, belonging to no book series.  I did find that she made reference to one character in another novel, but otherwise there’s no connecting characters at all.

She’s definitely an author worth reading again and again.

Click on the book covers for the details about each of her books.  These books are listed in no particular order. 

Her Booklist

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