Orchard Valley Brides

Originally Published: 09-01-2017

Book Details

Orchard Valley Brides is the 2nd book in this 2-book series by Debbie Macomber.  

The Orchard Valley Grooms is the 1st book in the series.

There are 2 stories in this one too.  You hear about Norah.  

And the next story is Norah’s best friend Sherry Waterman.  So this story is connected.


This is Norah’s story.  She’s the youngest of the Bloomfield girls.

This picks up just before Valerie’s wedding so you see an overlap of their perspective’s.

Norah is a nurse and works in the hospital in Orchard Valley.  She is on duty when a cowboy comes in in critical condition.  

She finds out this patient is actually her sister’s (Valerie) old boss from Houston.  By now her sister has quit her job and moved back to Orchard Valley to plan her wedding and get married to Colby.

Norah is intrigued by Rowdy.  He’s badly hurt so he’ll be in the hospital for awhile.

Rowdy is the owner of CHIPS, a company that he built.  Valerie was working for him before he made her choose between him and CHIPS or Colby.  

Valerie chose Colby.  And Rowdy was determined to stop her.  Instead, he gets into a plane accident and is now in the hospital.

Rowdy is a cantankerous Texan that demands others to do his bidding.

Norah and Rowdy butt heads throughout the whole story.  He’s a business tycoon that never thought to marry.  She’s a homebody that wants to stay at home with the kids!!

Of course, they figure it out!  And it’s a happy ever after!!

It’s a cute story.

Lone Star Lovin’

Lone Star Lovin’ starts out several years later than the last book, Norah.

And it’s all about Norah’s best friend Sherry Waterman.

Sherry wants something different for her life than what Orchard Valley can offer her.  So she heads to Texas to be near Norah and to find love just like she did!

She takes a job in the small town of Pepper.  On her way through town, she meets Cody Bailman.  There is an instant like between them.  And he’s looking for a wife.  And he wants her.

Okay, I found this one to be a bit cheezy.  It was love at first site.  But they couldn’t come to any common ground.  So they dance around each other for the majority of the book.  In the end, they do get together.  But it was interesting.  

Especially as his 12yr old daughter, Heather, kept getting in the way!

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