The Leopard Series

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Series Summary

The Leopard Series is based in the deep in the Borneo rain forest.  It is about a group of people that can turn into animals.  This series is a bit more detailed than her other series.

Fever; The Awakening and Wild Rain

Book 1, The Awakening, is about Maggie Odessa awakening to her true heritage.  She has been lured to the jungle by Brandt Talbot.  But Maggie is from there, taken when she was a baby, now the jungle is calling her back to fulfill her destiny.

Book 2, Wild Rain, has Rachael Lospostos escaping to the jungle in hopes of hiding from her pursuers.  Even though she knows that she has been found, she takes advantage of the attack on her group to slip into the jungle.  In the middle of the jungle she encounters Rio, an outcast, and things really start to heat up.

Burning Wild

Book 3, Burning Wild.  Jake Bannaconni is a wealthy businessman who was raised by cold, unkind parents.  He has spent his whole life being just as ruthless as they were, but was that who he really was?  He encounters Drake Donovon when he takes a trip to the rainforest.  

When Emma Reynolds enters his life he learns how to love and to feel.

Wild Fire

Book 4, Wild Fire.  Conner Vega first met his mate, Isabeau Chandler, when he was undercover in a covert operation.  He seduced her then betrayed her and finally humiliated her when he left.  Now he has been asked again to go undercover and he meets her again.  He chooses her this time because he could never forget her.   

Savage Nature

Book 5, Savage Nature, has Drake Donovon headed to Louisiana to investigate some cat killings. Saria Boudreaux, a photographer, is suspicious of Drake when all her brothers are shifters.  She is torn between her brothers and Drake.

Leopard’s Prey

Book 6, Leopard’s Prey, the bayou cop and leopard shifter is Saria’s brother, Remy.  A serial killer is snatching victims and hanging them to dry deep in the swamp.  When Saria’s friend, Bijou Breaux, comes to stay for a bit, Remy remembers the little girl that he promised to help all those years ago. Now a sultry jazz singer, he can’t seem to forget her.

Cat’s Lair

Book 7, Cat’s Lair, is Catarina’s story and how she is escaped her past.

Wild Cat

Book 8, Wild Cat, is Siena’s and Elijah’s story.  She is the sheltered grand-daughter of a crime lord, although she doesn’t even know it.  Elijah Lospostos is a rival to her grandfather.  When her grandfather is assassinated, she has no choice but to turn to Elijah.  This book brings in some characters from the previous books.  You get to see how Emma is doing and how things have settled for Catarina.

The story is intense.  Both in the plot line and in the love scenes.  Christine Feehan certainly knows how to make a story pull you in and keep you there.

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