Spirited Away

Last Published: 12-26-2018

Book Summary

Spirited Away is the beginning of the ghost stories written by Cindy Miles.

This book, while is book 1, is only connected to the other books within this series.  The characters jump a little bit from story to story.  Not so much in this one though!!!

This is a very sweet and endearing story about a ghost and the lady that steals his heart.

Tristan de Barre has been haunting Dreadmoor Castle for centuries.  And while it’s been a lonely existence, he’s made it work for him and his garrison of knights.

He’s even made a name for himself both within the ghosts and the mortals!!  

But when a storm knocks down a huge tree and unearths a skeleton, he knows that he must find some answers, finally.

So the story is filled with old world language and customs with Tristan and modern language and customs with Andi Munroe.  She’s a forensic archaeologist that’s called in to check out the remains and track the find that bundled with the remains.

At first, she doesn’t know that Tristan is a ghost but after a while she finds out and finds out the story as to why he’s cursed and haunting the Castle.

You see, he was killed and cursed by his foster father.  It was a completely surprise to both Tristan and his men.  He was stuck at Dreadmoor Castle for centuries.

But when Andi shows up, he starts feeling the drain of being a ghost.  And he falls for Andi, just like he falls for her.  But the fact that he’s a ghost and she’s mortal makes for interesting scenes with them getting to know each other and not being able to touch.

But there’s a catch.

There’s another spirit helping her.  One they don’t know.

Another spirit is trying to help Andi save Tristan and his men.

All of this adds to make a rich and compelling story.  Cindy Miles creates wonderful characters that you come to love.  She does a great job of writing each character be from the century that they’re from, with all the fun sayings and characteristics that make each endearing and fun to read about.

Okay, it’s a romance story, and that means that it has to end happy, so Andi figures out how to break the curse and save the men.  And then they live happily ever after.

There’s barely a sexy scene with almost no details in it to worry about.  The details are vague and light.  No need to worry about them.

This story was published 2007, so the modern technology is more limited to what we have in 2018!!

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