Rendezvous with Yesterday

Last Published: 08-19-2019

Book Summary

Rendezvous With Yesterday is the 2nd book in a new book series by Dianne Duvall.

This series, The Gifted Ones is a spin off series to the Immortal Guardians Series also by Duvall!!

And what’s really neat is that this book is intimately connected to Night Reigns, book 2 in that series!!

So this story is not only about the new characters, Bethany and Robert, but we find out who Marcus (from book 2, Night Reigns) was and where he came from.

First, you need to know that this story happens to be a time-travel romance with a bit of paranormal mixed in.  And you’ll find that there are some significant characters that play a part in this story that also play a huge part in the Immortal Guardians Series.

So this book is a cross-over, of sorts, with both book series!!

If you’ve read any of the Immortal Guardians Series, and you’ve remembered Marcus’ back story, then this book explains more of his back story.  You could even say that this book is his back story, even though it happens to be Bethany’s as well.

Bethany Bennett is a bounty hunter and she’s hunting for a few idiots that have skipped bail.  Her and her brother Josh, tail them to a particular back road in Texas only to be ambushed and left for dead!

And that’s where the story gets interesting.

Seth, from the Immortal Guardians, comes to transport her back in time to the 13th century.  Sorry spoiler alert!!!  They don’t find that out until more than half way thru the book!!

So Bethany is transported back in time to medieval England and all that entails!  She doesn’t believe she’s gone back in time which gives us some interesting scenes to enjoy.

She’s placed in the path of Lord Robert, Earl of Fosterly.  He rescues her and then finds that she’s interesting and intriguing and fascinating!  And she changes his world.

The majority of the story we’re seeing her adjust to being in medieval England and the changes that she has to go thru to adjust being back into a time that has been long forgotten.

Duvall does a great job of portraying the time period and the nuances that go with that.  You can tell she’s done adequate research to make her story interesting and fun to read.

You’ll also find that this book is closely related to the first book in this series.  A Sorceress of His Own, brings us magical characters that start this series out.  A great read and one that prepares us to read this one.

What I found to be the best though, is the connection to Night Reigns.  If you remember Marcus, he was in love with someone that he couldn’t have.  This Bethany is that someone.  We get to see Marcus as a young boy and what shaped him into who he becomes for his own story in Night Reigns.

It just might make you want to go back to the Immortal Guardians Series and read them again!!  I did!!

As Bethany and Robert get to know each other, they fall for each other.  And that does include sexy scenes that fit with Bethany’s era but I found not so much with Robert’s.  

Lord Dillon, from book 1, happens to be his brother.  And when they invite Dillon and Alyssa to their home, they find out answers to how and why Bethany was brought back in time.  And yes, that includes finding out the role that Seth plays.

Now you need to understand that this series is not filled with vampires and Immortal Guardians.  This is the beginning of Marcus’ story, that’s all!!  

I can’t help but wonder though where this series is going to go.  As it’s called the Gifted Ones, and Alyssa and Bethany are gifted ones that enable them do wonderful things, it’ll be fun to see the new stories for this series.

Bethany and Robert fall deeply in love and she battles the idea of going back to her time.  When she gets the opportunity to go back and say goodbye to her brother, we get to meet Seth again and see what he does for this story.

And of course, Bethany and Robert live happily ever after and have many children.  

This story is a great read!  I found it as an ebook.  Not sure if it’s being offered as a hardcover or not yet.  It’s an easy read and completely enjoyable.  Check it out!!

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