Dark Guardian

Originally Published: 11-26-2019

Book Summary

Dark Guardian is the 9th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This book is Lucien’s story.

If you remember in book 8, you’ll know that Lucien is Gabriel’s twin and he had fooled Gabriel into thinking that he was the undead for centuries.

So now that he can be truly himself, and that his lifemate is actually alive, he must find her.

He finds her in Florida and she’s nothing like he expected.

Her name is Jaxon Montgomery and she’s been trained in special forces since she was a child.  

And her “Uncle Tyler” is hunting her and has been since she was a child.  He killed her family, her foster family and is after her.  No one is safe around her.

That is until Lucien.

He’s a legend, him and his brother.  They have been the guardians for their people for so long.  Then Lucien was his brother’s guardian for so long.

So now he becomes Jaxon’s guardian and lifemate.  And must defeat the man that has been hunting her for years.

I found this book to be a bit different in that the character, Jaxon, was very wary in hearing or learning about the Carpathian way of life or about vampires.  She had a great fear about the unknown and was not interested in learning for a chunk of the storyline.

Christine Feehan spends an inordinate amount of the storyline talking about Jaxx’s reluctance to know and understand Lucien’s way of life.

Don’t get me wrong, it fits with Jaxx’s personality, but it goes on and on in the story, almost making it too much.

In the end, though, she does come to understand and even use/do some of the skills that Lucien is able to do.

And in the end, she must use them to her full advantage to be able to help Lucien, who then must defeat Tyler Drake.

The scene where Tyler Drake is destroyed is actually very anti-climatic!!  Lucien just makes it that he can’t breathe and he’s dead.  That’s it.

There was more to the scenes to when they were destorying the vampires that were following them.

All in all though, I did enjoy the storyline.  Like most of them, there were too many sexy scenes to read and I ended up doing some skipping to get past them.

But I did enjoy how these two characters were added to the community of people that are now considered Carpathians.

Don’t forget to go back to book 8 and read how Lucien’s brother found his lifemate!

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