Mountain Bear’s Baby

Originally Published: 04-21-2019

Book Summary

Mountain Bear’s Baby by JK Harper  is the 2nd book in the Silvertip  Shifters Series. 

This story is a fun short story that’s only 80+ pages long.  It can be read easily in one sitting.

This story is about shifters, and bear shifters at that.

So the community at Deep Hallow is full of gorgeous big bear shifters that ban together not only for protection but also so that they can be themselves without having to worry about being discovered by the human world.

So when Jessie McMillan has a beautiful baby boy, baby Grant, and he happens to be a shifter, she knows that she can’t stay in the human world!

With the help of her best friend, she’s welcomed into the Silvertip community, not knowing that the father of baby Grant is there as well.

She sees Maverick, aka Shane Walker, and is floored to find out that he’s now staying Deep Hallow and working up at Silvertip Lodge because he has family there.

So this brings Jessie and Shane back together again.  

They had had a 3-night stand without exchanging any info .  And so she was left going thru pregnancy and thinking she was going to raise her baby without a man (and father).  So when her best friend gives her the chance of raising her son among his own kind, she jumps at it.

Now, when she sees Shane again.  A whole new world of ideas comes into play.

And of course, there’s issues that arise that makes things difficult.

Things like the fact that there’s a baby and the baby is his and now he’s a father.  Anybody’s mind would take time to adjust to that.

Another would be that Jessie is his mate and both of them don’t know it.  They have to work all that out.  

The fact that she’s human and is mated to a shifter doesn’t seem to play a factor in the story.  They just are mated and she’s welcomed along with little Grant easily and happily.

Part of the problem is that Shane didn’t grow up with the rest of this Walker clan, he’s a distant cousin, but he’s still welcomed as part of the family.

What follows is a story of them coming to terms with them each other again and with the fact that they are parents.

And there’s of course, there’s a sexy scene as well.  Right at the end, when they decide that they are meant for each other. 

Now this story is a definitely longer than book 1, but no less interesting.  There’s no real problem that’s happening in this story other than then getting together again.

Not like the new issues that come up in book 3, Rescue Bear: Cortez, where some outcast shifters join the storyline!!

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