Love Avenged

Originally Published: 09-19-2018

Book Summary

Lover Avenged is the 7th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward.

This is Rehvenge’s story.  Oh and the beautiful Ehlena’s story as well.

As we have been reading in this series so far, Rehv is quite the enigmatic character.  He’s a drug lord, pimp, and strip club owner while being the savior for not only his family but also for those that he loves.

And that love expands to include the beautiful and sweet Ehlena.  

Now while this story’s main characters are Ehlena and Rehv, this book is a continuation of the overall storyline of the whole series.

So we find out about a whole lot that’s been happening.

Rehv, as the last male of the glymera, he’s appointed the leahdrye of the aristocrats.  Which ends up being a bit funny because of who and what Rehv is.

Now Rehv is a half vampire, half symphath.  And he’s basically in hiding as he’s being blackmailed by another symphath.  This is a whole other story that adds a dimension into the storyline that is twisted and dark.

But that hasn’t stopped him from being a very successful club owner, pimp and drug lord!!  But the core of who Rehv is, is a good person despite all that.

So when he meets Ehlena and gets to know her, he becomes to crave her company and ends up falling for her, at least in his own way.

Rehv’s mother dies, leaving him and Bella.  This causes great sadness for Bella (along with Zadist and little Nalla).

We also find out that Tohr is not doing well.  He’s in mourning for Wellsie and is doing nothing to help himself.  Even with Lassiter riding his butt!

Qhuinn and Blay are still up to their antics with women (especially Q).  Whereas John has his eyes on Xhex and wants no other.

As Elhena and Rehv get to know each other, their romance heats up and that includes scenes between them.  And yes, there are details.  And Rehv finds he can let his vampire side win instead of his symphath side.  It’s a new revelation for him and gives him hope for them being together.

But in the end, Rehv knows that he needs to protect her more from the Princess.  And so he offers himself to the king of the symphath’s in exchange.  

And that leads a chain of events that you won’t expect.  Rehv becomes the king of the symphath, the Princess gets killed and Lash kidnaps Xhex.

If you remember Lash, as the Omega’s son, he plays a big part in this story by taking over the drug trade that Rehv has been ignoring by killing off other dealers.  

And right at the end of this story, he kidnaps Xhex.  This causes John to go into a tailspin and lead us right into John’s and Xhex’s story in Lover Mine, book 8!!

Now this summary does not do this book justice.  This story is a compelling and interesting story to read.  Yes, you have to deal with the type of language style that goes along with this series, but if you can look past that, this is a captivating read that keeps you plugged in!!

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