Dark Storm

Last Published: 07-24-2018

Book Summary

Dark Storm by Christine Feehan is the 23rd book in the Dark Series.

This book starts out completely different then most of the books in this series.

And it brings in a whole new dimension into the storyline that wasn’t there before.

This starts out with a group traveling deep into the jungles of the Amazon.  The group is filled with several different peoples that come together and end up being together for a common goal.

Riley Parker and her mother Annabelle have come as daughters of Mother Earth to perform a special ritual that will enable the volcano to stay put and to keep the evil from getting out.

Jubal Sanders and Gary Jansen have come to find a particular plant that is extinct in the Carpathian Mountains and have heard that it might be growing on the volcanic mountain.

There are several other characters that cause a tons of issues and make for an intriguing story right from the beginning, but they don’t play a huge role in the storyline.  


Deep within the volcano is Mitro Daratrazanoff, a ruthless vampire and Danutdaxton “Dax”, the Carpathian hunter that has been hunting him for centuries.  When Mitro rejected his lifemate Arabejila,  Dax and Arabejila worked together to trap him and Mitro within the volcano. 

Arabejila is Riley’s ancestor.  Riley has come to finish what needs to be done to keep the evil trapped.

For centuries, both Dax and Mitro have rested within the volcano, changing to become something more.

Due to some very unfortunate circumstances, Riley doesn’t make it in time to perform the necessary ritual and Mitro is set free.

But so does Dax.  He’s the only one that can stop Mitro.  And with the help of the Old One, he will.

And Dax and Riley just happen to lifemates.  And this is what makes the story different.  With Riley’s ancestor (Arabejila) as Mitro’s lifemate, and now Riley as Dax’s, it makes for the story to be interesting and filled with plot twits and turns.

Both Dax and Riley have extraordinary skills and abilities.  

When Dax was in the volcano, there was an old fire dragon was there as well.  And according to the story, when a fire dragon dies his heart becomes a gemstone and his soul is left.  He’s called the Old One.

He chooses to join with Dax to help him defeat Mitro.

So with the combined skills of the fire dragon and the changes that the volcano did for Dax, he’s finally able to defeat Mitro.

But he can’t do it without Riley’s help.  As a daughter of Mother Earth, she has amazing skills and talents as well.  So, along with Riordan’s help, they are able to finally defeat Mitro and save the many countless lives.

But this story also stands alone as an added depth to the background of the whole storyline.  

So you can read this one completely on its own and not have to worry about the background story.  It’s just fun to see how the other characters go from this story to the next and what they accomplish.

You will find that there are sexy details to worry about.  And the scenes are detailed.

But they don’t overpower to rest of the story like others have.

You will find that the relationship is different than others have been in the past books despite the fact that Dax is an ancient warrior as well.

He was from the time that Vlad was prince and went his own way as he felt that he had a darkness in him that set him apart.  And together he and Arabejila trap Mitro.  She then passes the abilities of trapping them in the volcano to her daughter and so on thru the generations.

So while this story does follow along the some of the same patterns as the other books, this one is different as well.  And that makes for a good story that’s intriguing and entertaining.

But the story does continue on in book 24, Dark Lycan, where there’s an even more drastic dimension added to the story!  Check it out!

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