A Christmas to Remember

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Short stories by Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, Hope Ramsay, Molly Cannon, and Marilyn Pappano

Short stories are a favorite of mine, especially if they are centered around Christmas.

Please know that each book also has its own book cover. I’ve been able to find them and added them here.

Dream a Little Dream by Jill Shalvis

Dream a Little Dream is a short story that is tender and sweet.

Firefighter Ian O’Mallery gets the scare of his life when he sees the address to the fire that he’s about to go out to!  It’s Melissa Mann’s apartment that’s going up in flames.

Melissa is the one that wouldn’t let him in and admit that they were perfect for each other.  

So when Melissa wakes in the hospital after she almost dies, she knows that she can’t let him get away again.  

It’s a really cute story about swallowing your fears and loving the person that you’re meant to be with.

Every Year by Kristen Ashley

Every Year by Kristen Ashley is book 1.5 in the Chaos Series.  

Well, it really isn’t another story.  It’s a 37page short story about Tabby and Shy.  They are the characters in book 1, Own the Wind.  

Tabby and Shy have gotten together and are preparing for Christmas.  This story is about how Tabby shows both Shy and Landon the Christmas traditions that her family has been doing for ages.  

The story is written in 1st person.  While you can tell that this is Tabby talking, she is not identified until later on in the story.  

I will admit, I didn’t like the story.  It had a choppy feel to the storyline.  

It was cute how she showed Shy and Landon that Christmas could be wonderful.  

Silent Night by Hope Ramsay

Silent Night is a sweet and tender story mixed with the spirit of Christmas.

Maryanne Carpenter is down on her luck.  She’s trying to make her way to her cousin Jennifer’s house with the hope that she’ll be able to stay there.  

If not, her and her baby Joshua are out of luck.

Daniel Jessup is alone and lonely this Christmas.  He’s come home to Last Chance, South Carolina to close up his family home.  He can barely stand being in the house.

But when he hears the sound of baby’s cry, he knows that somethings up!!

What follows is a very sweet and tender story of love and acceptance!

Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas by Molly Cannon

Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas is a fun and sweet story based at Christmas time.

Lincoln Jones finds Dinah Mason on his doorstep telling him that she’s here to organize his house.  

She’s been hired by his mother to organize the house in time for Christmas.  He works from home and has piles of papers everywhere.

It’s a cute little story where opposites attact and might even be good for each other!  

A Family for Christmas by Marily Pappano

A Family for Christmas is a short and sweet story about accepting life’s challenges and realizing that the choices you make just might be just what you need.

Jared Connors is the new doctor in Tallgrass.  He made a rash decision to come to a rural clinic to check out the change of pace but mostly to piss off his parents.  They want him to be a surgeon.  He doesn’t know what he wants.

But as he gets to know Ilena Gomez and her son John, he might make some decisions that will last forever.

It’s a cute story.

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