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Originally Published: 08-05-2020

Catherine Anderson is one of those romance authors that can make the story stay in your head and your heart long after you have finished reading. She is one of my favorite authors.

She has some books that are historically based as well has some contemporary.  All of them have been unforgettable. 

She writes about life.  She weaves intrigue and suspense and mystery into her books.  But for the most part, the stories are about life.  Life can be so hard and so sad, but she takes the problems and trials that we all face and creates a beautiful story line that make you cry, or laugh, or get annoyed with right along with the characters.

Check out her site here.  She has lots of books to her name.  I have only listed some of them.

Click on the series name for details about the whole series.  And click on each book cover to see #bookdetails about each book.

Mystic Creek Series

Click the pic to see the individual books in the Mystic Creek Series.

Click here to see the books in The Mystic Creek Series by Catherine Anderson

The Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series

Click the series graphic to see the individual books in The Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series.

The Kendrick Coulter Harrigan by Catherine Anderson
Click here to see more about The Kendrick Coulter Harrigan by Catherine Anderson

The Keegan Paxton Family Series

These four books are part of the Coulter family series – a Coulter Family Historical.

They are all historical.  They give you an idea where the Coulter family has come from.

The Keegan Paxton Family Series by Catherine Anderson

A Valance Family Novel

This is the beginning of a new series.  It starts out with Gabriel Valance and Nancy Hoffman.  I’m excited to see more books in this series.

Catherine Anderson’s Stand-Alone Books

While Catherine Anderson has written some amazing books within a series, she also has some books that stand-alone and they are just as unforgettable. 

Each of the books here are awe-inspiring on their own.  Each deals with different issues that life can bring us while helping us to deal with it with love, humor, devotion, and loyalty.

Click on the book cover to see about that book!

Check out Catherine Anderson’s site for a list of all her books.

Only By Your Touch

Coming Up Roses

Seventh Heaven

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