Lover Enshrined

Originally Published: 09-05-2018

Book Summary

Lover Enshrined is the 6th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward.

If you’ve been reading this series you know that this series is about the brothers that have banded together to fight against the lessers.

And that each of the brothers have their own issues that they’re dealing with.

At the end the last book, Lover Unbound, Phury offered to be the Primal in Vishous’ place. 

And now we get to know his story in this book!

But Phury has a ton of issues that make this story interesting and long.

Phury has become addicted to the drugs that he’s been taking.  Oh, Rehv is his drug provider!! And he’s bemoaning his existence because he knows that he can’t have Bella.  And he finds that he isn’t worthy of Cormia either.  Even though his heart burns for her.

Finding out all of Phury’s demons is part of the storyline.  From the devil voice that keeps talking to him, to the drug cravings that plague him, to the deep sorrow that he feels regarding the women in his life.

He’s already fallen hard for Cormia by the beginning of this book, but he doesn’t feel worthy of her.  And while he invited her to come to the mansion to live, he still hasn’t taken up the mantle of the Primale for a good chunk of the book.

The situation with the lessers takes a drastic turn as well.  We find out that the Omega has been planning something for quite some time.  And he puts it into play in this book.

If you remember Lash, another recruit for the brotherhood, has always taunted and tormented John.  Well in this book, it comes to a head and Qhuinn stabs Lash when he attacks John.  Lash is severly wounded and then to help Qhuinn, he becomes John’s ahstrux nohtrum, his special guard.  It’s an interesting twist.

This is an interesting part of the story.  John has been the one character that has been building since book 2!  He finally gets his story when you get to book 8, Lover Mine!  But here you see how things are changing for him and not always good.

Lash’s condition was grave but it gave the Omega the perfect opportunity to find him and bring him over to the dark side!  He happens to be the son of the Omega. 

Sired from a vampire and then raised by vampires, Lash was the perfect weapon that the Omega created.  All the Omega had to do was call him forth.  And when he almost died, it gave him the Omega the perfect opportunity to find him and recruit him to the lesser side.

So the world as they know it is about to change.

Lash, with the help of a few well-placed lessers, wreaks havoc on the vampire aristocracy.  Slaughtering not only his vampire parents but several other primary families before they could flee to safety.

We also see how John is adjusting to being in his newly transitioned body!  He’s more and has the hots for Xhex.  She’s one of Rehv’s guards.

We also learn more about Rehv and what he’s going through.  And not all good stuff.  He finally gets his story in the next book, Lover Avenged.

I would find that this book is more about Phury coming to terms with his addictions, learning to take control of them and becoming a new man on the other side.

I found that there were several very moving scenes that showed the loyalty and devotion between the brothers.  And there were many scenes that were interesting and compelling.

And while all the swearing can be hard to take in a book, the author is talented storyteller.  The story is a captivating and thrilling story and keeps you reading through every tantalizing scene after another as you see how Phury has to reach rock bottom then he can finally pull himself out of the ashes to become better.

And it also brings a new era for the vampires.  The Chosen are now allowed to be in the world and allowed to think for themselves.  The Scribe Virgin even allows her daughter, Payne to come out. 

Okay, so there’s no way that enough can be said regarding the details about this story.  There’s just too much.  But it’s a great addition to the overall storyline. 

And it makes you want to find book 7, Lover Avenged, to find out Rehv’s story.

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