Byrnehouse-Davies & Hamilton Saga

Last Published: 08-11-2020

The Byrnehouse-Davies & Hamilton Saga Series by Anita Stansfield is a romance book series within a book series.

When you read books 1-3, you’ll find that they are historical romances.

And you won’t find them on Amazon.  They are sold thru LDS Bookstores.

Book 1 takes us back to Michael Hamilton’s great-grandparents and their journey.

So book 1, The Gables Faces East, is about Jess Davies and Alexandra Byrnehouse.  Hence the name of the series!!

Book 2, Gables Against the Sky, is about Jess’ and Alexandra’s children Emma and Tyson.

Book 3, the Three Gifts of Christmas, is a tender Christmas story of love and loss, hope and healing!

Gables Faces East

Gables Against the Sky

The Three Gifts of Christmas

Books 4, 5, and 6 are a trilogy within the series that need to be read together as they are about Emily and Michael Hamilton.

These books were published long before books 1-3!!

Books 7 and 8 are contemporary romances again.

Book 7, By Love and Grace, is about Sean O’Hara and Tara Parr, two very good friends of Emily and Michael.

Book 8, Home for Christmas, is about Allison, Emily’s oldest daughter!

By Love and Grace

Home for Christmas

According to Anita Stansfield’s book list, you’ll find that there’s a whole set of more books that are attached to this series. 

They are labeled differently but are still a part of this particular series.  The Gables of Legacy, volume 1 – 6 are about the Emily and Michael Hamilton family and what happened to them. 

More specifically what happened with one of their boys, Jess Hamilton and the love that he finds and the life that they build.

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