Originally Published: 11-05-18

Book 4

Stranger is the 4th and final book in the Blades of the Rose Series by Zoe Archer!

This book picks up right after book 3, Rebel,  with Catullus, Astrid and Nathan finding out that Gemma Murphy has followed them from the Northwest Territories all the way to England.

And the chemistry between Gemma and Catullus is off the charts right from the beginning.

And so you know, this book has more sexy details than all the other books.  And there are several scenes that you have to watch out for as you read.

As Gemma becomes embroiled in the race to stop the Heirs, her and Catullus grow closer together.

Astrid and Nathan are right there with them as they race to fight the Heirs.  So we get to know how they are doing and how their bond is still very strong between them.

Bennett and London also join them as they chase the Heirs and their nefarious plans to take over the world!

And then at one point, they all separate to accomplish several things with the story following Catullus and Gemma as they go the magical realm to find and convince Merlin to help!!

In the magical realm, Catullus and Gemma spend some quality time in a treehouse, fight monsters, solve riddles, and run from Heirs, all in the span of a few chapters.

Note that their quality time spent in the treehouse is filled with lots of details, enough that it can be skipped over, if needed.

As they traverse this magical realm, they really get to know each other, and they really express their feelings.  So we get to know who they are and why they do what they do.

And with the help of some magical creatures, they find what they need to and actually get out.  Unlike some of the Heirs that followed them into the realm.  They don’t get out.

But even after they get out, their job is not over.  They still have to stop the really big Arthur from destroying everything.  

And that leads us into the final battle that happens at the end of the story.  All of the characters, along with several more, from this whole series come together to fight the Heirs when they converge on the Heirs’ headquarters in search of the Primal Source and the other Sources that have been previously taken.  We see each of them fight for the cause of the Blades and defeat the Heirs.

Now, I don’t want to give the whole ending, but I will say that this book does finish off the series.  It’s a great story to read that finishes off the a great series.

It’s definitely a series worth reading again and again.

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